Pauline Tan won title of First Runner up for The Next Miss Universe Malaysia 2015

Next to me, that's our new First runner-up of the Miss Universe Malaysia 2015!
Pauline in her new heels.
 Yesterday night while my colleagues were dressing up for our CEO's award presentation gala night, I was also preparing for a gala night, at the Shangri-la Kuala Lumpur, to see my friend on stage of The Next Miss Universe Malaysia 2015!
Done a full make up by myself for the first time!
 I punched out from Shah Alam office very punctually at 6pm, got on my car and set my mind to reach the venue as soon as possible. Fortunately, I arrive at around 7pm and got my free tickets from 8TV.
I wasn't expecting to attend this gala night as the tickets were sold out, at the same time, Pauline didn't really want us to spend too much for this occasion.
Thank you 8TV!
 Everything was last minute. Grab a dress I've never wore before though purchased long time ago, my existing make up tools and a random bag I usually use.
I even had to borrow few make up items from my colleague to complete my make up.
Time to shop? (teehee)
Obligatory washroom shot :p
 Around 8pm, we were finally in the ballroom after standing and waiting for an hour.
It was a four-course dinner.
The event was happening and very enjoyable.
Food was nicely presented and the taste was good.
There were a number of surprises.
First, I already know that Pauline is in the top six. The event started with additional of three contestants being the wild cards, whether they were chosen by the judges or due to the winning of subsidiary titles.
Appetizer: Marinated mushrooms with salad
The competition continued on with nine contestants. Next, when they were supposed to announce top four, another two contestants were added and we had top six (finally). Final Q&A sessions were proceeded with six of them. I have to say, these pageants are good.
Dessert at around 11.30pm due to delay.
Did I mention the main course was served at 10pm?
Oh I haven't mentioned, Pauline was also awarded the subsidiary title of Winning Smile! Yay! ^^
Winning Smile of the Next Miss Universe Malaysia 2015

The final six were Pauline, Jenny, Kelly, Miera, Vanessa and Sugeetha. It was a lot of heart pumping moments especially when it came down to just Pauline and Vanessa for the crown of Miss Universe Malaysia 2015.
Congratulations Pauline! Proud of you!

Coffee Amo @TTDI

Dropping by this beautiful place for a break while running errand in the town.
You'll walk in to this after climbing the stairs. Simple design and arrangement for the outdoor space with some plants to lighten the atmosphere. 
The interior is nothing complicated as well. Though look closely and you'll be amused by the little decorations here and there. 

There are a lot of photography magazines here. I really like the creative murals around. 
This place wins my heart with their interior decoration, simple and nice.


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