Cyclist, Get away to Penang Island

Alright, here's a very old story.
Though it was a significant life time story from 2014.

It was an impulse decision to join Rachel in participating the Cycling For A Lane in Penang Island 2014. Signed up in March, and left it behind my mind until June.
It's fate and luck that when I first join Pickle & Fig, I've met Uncle GC and Uncle Larry, who are regular customers, at the same time, cyclists.
Putting on my cycling gears!
Uncle GC is very friendly. He introduces me to the bike shop in Bandar Utama where good and warm service is provided.
Explore cycling at least once in your lifetime and be glad about it!
As part of training, also Uncle GC and Uncle Larry's usual cycling route, we cycled all the way from PJ to Klang, along the Federal Highway.
Bah Kut Teh breakfast on Sunday morning

One day before the event, I drove Rachel to Penang.
It was 350km drive without a stop!
Following that day was time with Rachel's family in Penang Island
and not to forget... Penang street food!
The stalls are by the road side.
Managed by the locals, which is a different scenery from how it is in Central Peninsular Malaysia.
It feels good.
There you go, my first cyclist suit.
Still can't believe I've done it months ago.
Staying overnight at Rachel's grandparents' place that night, all comfy and cozy. Thank you so much for having me!
We woke up early the next morning, had some food then got on our bicycles only to find ourselves arrive at the starting point right after the gun was shot.
Regardless, let's hit the road!
At my first stop
We went off different speed in the beginning.
Hence I was on my own, staying strong with my earphone on.
At some tourist's spot.
Towards the end, when I started to feel like I couldn't continue without a proper rest,
I decided to stop for...
ABC ice
I'm never born an athlete. 
Coming this far, to finishing Half Marathons and now,
round the island, 82.8km,
I earn this medal with pride.
CFAL 2014
Keep the spirit up!
On 17th August 2014, I round Penang Island in bicycle, accomplished!
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