May I be dramatic tonight?
I am regressing.

This may not be 100% bad, though.

Not until I'm regressing right now, will I ever realize how far have I gone?

Hi there, little girl me.
One and a half decades later, 
you have to keep the light on again;
you have to keep your stereo on again;
suddenly your mind is so disrupted again,
you feel that the environment serve itself right, as distraction.
So that you will be distracted from your own mind, 
so then you can sleep.

For two nights ago, all these,
the dim light,
the stereo,
they would've prevented sound sleep.

They are now sleeping aids.

Life is greatly different in different people's eyes;
Life is greatly different in different experience exposure.
It has never failed to teach me how dynamic it can be.

I might have regressed to being lost again,
this time,
I do not doubt my worthiness of existence anymore;
this time,
I will heal myself, recover, and await more from life.


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