I'm entering the twenty-forth year of blessed life this year.
Going from always dreaming for a surprise birthday party for princess to hosting and organizing my own 12th birthday party and went totally drained that night (I thougt it was pathetic).
I am the emotional kind. Each year as my birthday draw close, I became so caught up with myself I'll start crying.

Everything changes after my degree final year. Finally growing up I guess?

Anyway, this year I'm blessed to be celebrating early birthday with this lady, look at this beautiful breakfast she'd prepared for me!
Salad, nuts and grain bread, mushroom soup, eggs and chocolate roll.
It's simple and satisfying. She even played nice oldies music, classy.
Thank you my lady Jen'
I'm blessed.
Few months of independant living, managing my own life and expenses. Not a large amount of salary I'm getting, it's sufficient for comfortable living and some flexibility to treat myself once in a while, at the same time accumulating some saving.
So hey, so finally at the age of 24, I'm buying myself a beautiful white dress, I'm my own princess.
Spent the night before birthday workimg in the cafe, personally requested for a pretty swan latte art on my staff free drink.
It was a long weekend ahead, I took the day off, thinking about giving myself a break as it was already two months into the cafe job, I was still adjusting and adapting.
Have finally gone to The Good Batch that morning.
Not the kind of food that makes you go "wow this is sooooo good!", satisfuying still. Do not recall what was the plan afterwards.
Got chocolate bar from Ms Boh, yes I love coffee, thank you! 

Later the night before my birthday, Jessie came to Pickle & Fig with these...
Crepe cakes from Dreamz Cafe & Bakery
Had a quick celebration, it was fun, thank you my dear.
It means a lot to me ^___^

It seems that people register me as being desserts kind of girl,
it is kinda true.
Got this Nutella tarts from my babes Rachie, Fionie and Kah.
These are sooooo good!
Definitely a guilty pleasure!
The night before coming back to PJ, there was a spontaneous karaoke outing with Klang friends.
Suki, Mah and my primary school classmate! What a pleasant surprise!!
Thank you all so much for the effort, to get me a cake when it's already so late. :)
That weekend, I had dinner with my family, together with aunt and uncle.
It's a shame that my cousins already had plan and couldn't come.
I've got this gorgeous pair of running shoes from my aunt. Love the colour!
It's fair to consider these another set of birthday present for myself. ^o^
Well it's already September, more than one month after my birthday.
All the staffs from Dietetic Services are finally back from Raya celebration and they threw me a small celebration before August ended.
Group selfie :p
It's a very nice tiramisu cake.
Out of the blue, Fatma brought me something for my birthday.
Terima kasih sungguh-sungguhnya! ^______________^
My present from Fatma

Romantic relationship is never something I'm good at. At this point, I'm still struggling. Feeling that the so-called hook up relationship also lives among us in Malaysia. How do I survive when I'm always too serious?
I will continue to be awesome! LOL!


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