Short Genting Highland Trip Over the Weekend

Just came back from a get away to Genting Highland with parents.
It wasn't a plan involving me until I told my mom and dad that I missed the time when we were visiting Genting Highland quite frequently.
Mary-Go-Round in First World Resort
Since young, the family will visit Genting Highland during festivals, especially Chinese New Year since we are currently residing in our home town.
My parents have got invitation for Mother's Day celebration, hence I was actually hanging around alone, just like how it has always been.
These are views from the hotel windows. Demolition is on-going as they are building a new theme park, in which there were so much memories with relatives and friends.

I had my dinner at the Bubbles & Bites along the hallway connecting Maxims (previously known as "Highland Hotel") and Genting Grand (previously "Maxims").
B&B Virgins
Chicken Schnitzel
The B&B Virgins was very inviting, aromatic lime flavour. My main course on the other hand, was rather not satisfying. I agree that the chicken breast tasted nice with the anchovies, if you'd notice the sauces coming along, the one on the left was chilli sauce and the other butter at room temperature.
I can only comment that this is not Dietitian-approved. :p
Outfit of the day ^__^
 I later then went checking out the cake at Bakery, Genting Grand.
Chocolate Fudge Cake
top with macaron biscuit
The chocolate macaron biscuit was great! The cocoa flavour was strong, it was too sweet. I love it!
In general, you can count on the pastries and cakes in Bakery.

The Starbucks Coffee located at Maxims is under renovation. My plan to stay till late with a mug of Cocoa Cappuccino went to drain. This particular Starbucks outlet is also memorable. It's been the place to visit when I am visiting Genting Highland. It's my first Starbucks coffee before the company invade Klang with two outlets each at Bukit Tinggi and Bukit Raja.

This get away truly was a trip down the memory lane. I then stayed in the hotel room after some shopping. I played Harvest Moon on my laptop while enjoying tea and the cake from Bakery.

Then as usual, had my breakfast with dad in the morning.
Drawing of my Cappuccino


Welcoming May with KL Heritage Park Night Run 2014

Running has become part of my life. It is nothing to show off about as it's just me being used to show the public my life events. I'm feeling glad to be able to share when approached and asked about running.
Roses, blooming for the sixth day.
It's May, one year has passed since the clinical placement in Penang Island. As I recall, running was part of life in Penang as well. We had no convenient transport and Penang is so far away from home. Running was a way to exercise, to destress and to indulge myself in music through earphone. It still is.
Arriving at Taman Botani Perdana 
Thank you Sum,
for the company,
for inviting me to this run! :D
This is my first night run. I used to be night run before adjusting my lifestyle when moved to Petaling Jaya. However, the first 500m of this night run was... exhausting. My legs went cramping and felt so heavy with every step.
We ran the first 6km together, partnering.
She told me the cramp will be over as we get used to running. That's very true as I have had the same experience. It was a little more tiring that night though, as compared to previous run.
A confident smile before flag off!
The event wasn't very well organized in my humble opinion. The organizer had been apologizing so many times in the facebook event page. We were actually quite upset with the extra size running shirt. I sincerely love the colour of the shirt but when both of us look into the mirror after changing, it was just horrible.
*photo bomb*
Apart from that, the flag off time was delayed for almost half an hour due to technical issues. We were left standing in the crowd, all so tempted to start running already! We've got bored, hence the number of selfies.
I started running on my own after 6km, in my own pace.
It's my habit, to run to the music. All of my runs are music runs.
Both of us got the silver medal. 
Fit fit de sumgirl, she was quite speedy herself!
Keep up the good work! :D
Meeting up after the run, we had apples as refreshment. Got ourselves some free Revive and sandwiches too.
Not to forget that Mr. Fong Yun Lian who had joined the event as well! 
Good job!
I'd usually go off right after the event but Sum wanted to stay for the lucky draw.
We waited for so long, many numbers were called but many didn't come forward to redeem. Probably already left I guess.
Fortunately, as the emcee got impatient, he announced to present to anyone with pink shoe laces. I immediately jumped in front of him and ran for my gift!
It's a hamper! 
It consists of dark chocolate spread, chocolate drink and some chocolate sweets.
Just nice for a chocolate lover but not someone who need to watch her weight already.
Thanks again, Sum. 
For the homey home cook dinner,
for retrieving race kit for me in which you were made queueing under the hot sun,
for driving me to the event venue.

Feeling grateful :)


Jennifer's Sweet 25th at Hanz Harvest & Cafe @ Damansara Jaya SS22

Counting down to our first public holiday after Chinese New Year in our first year of entering work force,
we were celebrating Jen's birthday.
We brought little presents, while Jen' was bringing each of us a rose.
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Gan
Hanz Harvest & Cafe is my recent favorite, it's nearby, it's cozy, the food and drinks are worth the value and not over-charged.
Visible effort seen in furnishing and decorating the cafe, with the details and all it takes is this one cup of coffee to keep me in.
Local coffee @ RM3 
They sell fruits, including banana, apples, kiwi, oranges, etc
depends on availability.
The signature dish will be Rose-a-mary Chicken, I later tried the apple sauce version of it and am keep coming back for more.
Rose-a-marry Chicken served with side salad and wedges @RM15.90
Get the value set during Lunch and Dinner! 
ABC top with extra creamy peanut butter ice cream
@ RM5.50 for a generous big bowl
I've brought few of friends there so far. Everyone has been happy with it so far. 

Buttermilk Chicken Rice @ RM10
Crispy chicken pieces, tangy mild spicy buttermilk sauce and the running yolk, lovely! 
Jennifer ordered Salmon with Lemon Cream @ RM19.90
The amount of fish is generous and it's fresh. 
WengYan had this Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice @ RM10
Malaysian Chinese all time favorite that was done well as well! 
Jennifer treated us with this Escargot,
which is served with garlic bread and side salad.
It's very good for a first timer in eating escargot like me.
For desserts, they also sell this homemade cheesecake.
The waiter was very friendly and helpful, when I said I wanna present the cake for a birthday girl, he had this brought to our table, simply beautiful and wonderful.
Homemade Cheesecake served with a beautifully cut into rose shape strawberry
We are brought together in the same town again.
Cherish the fate. Happy Birthday once again ;)
Buh-bye~ :p
Hanz Harvest & Cafe (link: facebook)
Address: No. 27, Jalan SS22/11, Damansara Jaya, 474700 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.


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