My 2014 self challenge

I've started working, again.
And it is now finally a real dietitian job.

It wasn't easy as I was still sick on the first week of work. The sore and phlegm at throat made me don't feel like talking. Mild sore and phlegm still right now though, but the fever and fatigue have gone away.
In my uniform, a baju kurung.
Finally I feel like I'm living again, being functional and playing a part in the society.
Today was a good day too.
Met some new friends in the training program for Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative who are nurses. I have learnt a lot on care for pregnant women and on encouraging breast feeding.
This 20-hour program is so much more than the few hours lectures we had back in university.
It is now the time, for me to put everything I've learned to use. Furthermore, to do it well and professionally!

A sudden thought occurred while I was preparing dinner just now.
While the hospital is receiving the Planetree Challenge, I'm giving myself a challenge too.

I feel like I've been in the cycle of falling into someone, confrontation (yes, I'm a bold kind of girl. I hate regrets), giving up, heart breaking, picking myself up. Then falling into someone all over again. However I don't really fall into every guy I meet at the time. There are times when I'm not into any guy. Life will, sometimes, seems meaningless.

Hence, here's my challenge of the year:
I shall not fall in love to any other guy in 2014.

All the best to myself.


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