What's believed vs Scientific findings

Despite being a graduate, we are always reminded to be a life-long learner. A degree course is more of a good set of skills that empower you to have critical thinking, to not simply take in ideas, to digest and process information.

I understand not everyone studies science, not everyone favours science. Similarly, while I love science, I do not enjoy and am not good in other fields. Human species live as a group, to complement each other. What's more, nobody's perfect and all knowledgeable about everything under the sun.

More than two months into working life, I understand it is getting more and more difficult to keep up with the current science and findings. Therefore, I try my best to attend any continuous medical education or health talk that I can. So far, there had been few continuous medical educations (CMEs) under the priviledge as a BP Healthcare Group staff. I've learnt more on specific topics such as Phlebotomy, as well as product knowledge.

More PUFA vs Omega-3 and Omega-6 ratio

Not long ago, I attended health talk presented by a pharmacist working with Provas, a brand of Omega-3 acid ethyl esters supplementation, organised as CME for the BP Healthcare Group staffs. As a representative of Provas, the pharmacist didn't exactly focus just on promoting the products throughout the health talk. On the other hand, he brought up important points regarding the ratio of dietary Omega-3 and Omega-6 related to health and diseases.

It was an interesting and inspiring talk as the speaker explain how our dietary fat intake has evolved since ancient age. In short, instead of focusing on increasing the amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in our diet, the balance between dietary Omega-3 and Omega-6 plays an important role in the levels of inflammation which lead to diseases.
Source: http://healthyprotocols.com/image_ratio1.jpg 
Note that most omega-6 fatty acids sources are plant food while omega-3 fatty acids comes from seafood, especially fish. While the use of omega-6 oils or plant-based PUFA oil is in increasing trend, most people have good chance of taking higher ratio of omega-6 fatty acids which promote inflammation.

MSG being harmful vs MSG does not cause obesity, allergy or affect the brain

Next, from the health talk which was hosted yesterday at the Boulevard St Giles Premier Hotel, sponsored by Ajinomoto, we learn that evidence shows no harm from dietary monosodium glutamate (MSG). No, MSG don't cause obesity, MSG don't cause allergy nor causing adverse effects in brain. The popular misconceptions actually come from a poorly designed research and plenty of misleading articles by a scientist who has no background of nutrition and dietetics.
Source: http://content.newyou.com.ph
The answer is NO. Apparently, MSG is safe to use. Furthermore, MSG might be used in promoting appetite in group of malnourished or at risk of malnourish who've lost appetite.

Vitamin B17 cures cancer vs Vitamin B17 is a toxic drug

Source: Facebook
Today, I came across a post in facebook mentioning regarding Amygdalin, alternative names also include Vitamin B17 and Laetrile. The post claims Amygdalin being a cure to cancer, that having enough dietary Amygdalin can prevent cancer. However, with just a few clicks and search in the internet, I've read that the Cancer Research UK discourages the substitution of conventional cancer treatment with Amygdalin use. A research done back in 1982 (link) has concluded that Amygdalin is toxic and shows not therapeutic effects in cancer patients. In fact, Amygdalin use can lead to adverse effects as it will lead to metabolic product of cyanide, which is a toxic substance. 
While vitamins means the essential micronutrients in our diet, how could Amygdalin be grouped into vitamins? The scientific findings are great contrasts to what's promoted in the facebook post! 

Nutrition education as first step of an intervention

During the health talk on MSG, it was brought up that nutrition education is essentially important in advocating the right nutrition concept and practice. People might know something but never understand the reason to it. In my limited experience, most client when explained, they can recall to me in the end of a counselling session. Subsequently, the chance of practising will be higher as an assumption. 

Although these three health talks discuss different topics, I notice that these key points in the talks are often contrast to what's believed or perceived by the public. Then, the scientists start looking back at the past. Ancient people having dietary intake of omega-3: omega-6 = 1:1; older research have always shown no harm from MSG use; research back then has always reported toxic properties of Amygdalin.

Yet, all these public informations are misleading.

Is it time for us to step back and review?
What have gone wrong in the communication between scientist and media?
What have gone wrong in our research quality?


Are you ready to be active?

Last post under the Exercise label I shared more on how I started running and friends who have been influencing me in maintaining the will to exercise.

It is in human nature to always want to be better. It is in our gene and it is what makes the world develop. Exercise itself, is a medium to be better, to success. Hence, it is very important for one to learn what exercise really is and what does it to our body when incorporate into our daily life. 

As I mentioned, I started exercising frequently or routinely with running. I find this article about running very true: 10 Lessons Running Teaches You About Life by the Daily Runner. It is short and precise, people who has started running would agree and love it too.

Make up your mind

Among the 10 lessons, there are few that I personally like and emphasize. Running teaches me that it is me, who will define my own limit (as stated in the 7th lesson in the provided link). As a nutrition counsellor, we need to empower our client in believing in themselves. Each of us has the power to control and improve, it is really a decision that you can make, something if you can commit to put in effort, then you'll be harvesting success sooner or later. 
Once the first step is made, you are already half way there.

Be constantly inspired

Have you came across direct sales? Have you been to any of their inspirational talks? They have a point there, they talk about what keep them moving. Have you heard stories of how an extra size teenage girl turns into a slim pretty girl? Have you heard stories of how a cancer patient recover from diseases when he or she start incorporating yoga and healthy diet? In fact, exercise and healthy diet can prevent a pre-diabetic person from becoming diabetic. 
It is a hard truth that exercise improve health and personal well-being. Although you might not have the strongest reason to lose a few kilograms of weight, you are definitely responsible for your overall well-being.
It is one of the golden rules to be successful in life, which is to befriend people who can influence you positively. Keep up with a group of friends who exercise regularly, explore different kinds of exercises, make it a hobby.

Step by step

Finally, we need to avoid major setbacks. We can dream big and set our final goal, to be great and perfect. It is more important to know your limit and set short term goals along the way. We human being need to feel good. Enjoy and show gratitude for the compliments when people starts to notice what you've done good to your body. Girls, go get a pretty dress and enjoy the extra attention. Guys, go get a tank top and show off your extra fit body. 
Don't forget to reward yourself each time when a short term goal is achieved, you deserve it. Then don't stop there, keep it up!
Now, do you like how you are right now? 
Are you a tree? 
Go out there and maximize your potential! 



Having decided to stay in the living room overnight right now, reminds me of all those nights when I was hiding from something in the room back then.

It was the first time in my life that I'm staying out of home (excluding camps and trips of course). I was living in a condominium, 26th floor, always paid visit by big bugs. They come one by one. I have absolutely no idea of the bug species but it's black and big and is able to fly ( ><" ). When the bug decides to have a day trip in my room, I would scream and run out from the room. 
My housemate was just as afraid. One time, one bug loitered in her room and we spent the night in my room and she slept on my blanket.

That was time in Bukit Jalil, first year of university. Later during the final year, I had to find aplace in Seremban. The house was so old, it was maybe long time has been house for the lizards. Every night I listen to the lizardss chit chating.
It was a very hectic semester, I spent my time in the library until 10pm before calling a day. One night when I got home, I opened the door and a lizard fell right on my pony tail as I stepped in the room. 
And my furniture arrangement was weird. The bed is in the middle just so to limit access from the lizards. Then my wishes had always been, "dear lizards please don't fall from ceiling ".

Back then, it was the thought of those place being temporary home that kept me sane. The feeling of insecurity kills.

appreciate life,

Nuffnang Food Festival #NNFoodFest 2013

Both Rachel and I agree that it was an awesome weekend outing, it felt timeless, everything was wonderful and beautiful. As planned, I drove down to pick Rachel up then go straight to Sunway Pyramid after half day work. The event only started at 3pm. We had some durian puffs then meet up SiangYe and friends. I've known SiangYe and KarHong already. It was my first time meeting up Emily and QianQing.
Some flyers and cards together with one cutie macarons from Les Macaroon upon registration
We came on time, no need to queue long before everyone finished registering.
We thought all food booth only started at 4pm according to the schedule. The kind Nuffnang staffs told us we can actually start visiting the booths as some already started serving.
I remember vividly it was Keith who had explained to us when we started tw"eat"ing. Started with Crayon burger, which was serving mini size beef burger. Believe me, most booths are very generous in the amount of food. Although it's mini size, after three booths, we were all already feeling full.

The food

I'd sincerely lost count of the types and amount of food we'd tried. Crayon burger, Ayam Penyet, baked cake from ANDYs, fish cake from AbsoluteThai, Crazy Potato, Nando's chicken, ...
Not to forget the desserts and beverages! Crush Food juice, Yakult, Liquid Nitrogen ice cream from NBrew, cupcake from MasterChef Australia/Astro, Cielo ice cream, ...
Rachel isn't a fan of macarons :p
The cupcake from MasterChef Australia/Astro was delicious
but melt real fast under the afternoon sun... 
Rachel's selfie skill- 10/10
Rachel, me, Cerdwin, Jmin
Thanks QianQing for the photo,
Nando's, Crazy Potato and
a Ninja Joe burger thanks to a Nuffnang staff who had given up to us!
Emily, Rachel and me. 

The people

It wasn't just the gather together with free food, beverages and desserts. It's also about meeting people!
Bumped into Summer with her boy friend while queueing up for Dolcie!
It's been a while after convocation. She stays in Kota Damansara, which means quite a distance from Klang.
Dear girl, I'll be sure to meet you up at I Love Yumcha one day.
We also met DanKhoo, youtuber!

The freebies

It was great that they were distributing free power bank! Too bad by the time my phone battery had gone down to less than 10%, it's already night time and all 100pcs were gone as well. Guess it means I can live without power bank after all?
Planet Popcorn were distributing free pack of new flavour popcorn, it's corn soup flavour. Had a taste just now, omnomnom I like it!

The movie RUSH

It wasn't all for the day. In between two tw"eat"ing session, we went for a movie break with the movie "Rush". Quite intense but very meaningful. There were lessons to be learnt.
source: www.impawards.com
There were horrifying scenes, mind-stimulating scenes, "ganjiong" scenes... though it started off in a very different way.

The "after party"

The night didn't just end there. We went SS15 to meet Rachel's college gang.
Some awesome bunch of people who I start to adore
We ended the night bumping into Jin from JinnyBoyTV, a Malaysian Youtube channel that has been producing quality videos. Sweet coincidence that we visited the same cafe although we don't get to meet him in the Nuffnang Food Festival as he visited Jaya One Bazaar instead.
Hello Jin! I'm quite a fans of your videos!
Hopefully one day we'll be able to meet Rueben in person as well.
Till then.


Week day time-off

Today was a leave well spent! I've finally spaced out my room by moving the piano out. Now I have more space to do workout in front of the working desk.
Done my scheduled workout and feeling great!
It's always the first 5 minutes that I need to make sure I continue the workout, dear endorphins please kick in sooner! It was Total Body Circuit and was finally able to follow a bit more, constantly reminding myself to train the abs, to get rid of tummy fat. I can do it!!!

After showering and dressing, I went to runs some errands then stopped by June Home Cook, a Chinese kopitiam in Bukit Tinggi, Klang, for my favorite kind of breakfast.
Kopitiam coffee, thick and fragrant
Bun with pandan kaya and butter, served hot!
Lastly, the half-boiled eggs, no one can resist...
Dressing up for the day out with Rachel
We intended to visit a cafe in Kota Kemuning. Unfortunately, the shop was closed down for the day for maintenance. We then moved on to Sunway Pyramid straight away for the afternoon tea and movie.
RM15++ for one set of dessert and tea/coffee at Delicious
We had Lemon Meringue Pie and Peach & Banana Crumble at Delicious. It was very generous amount, we were stuffed half way through the desserts.
The Lemon Meringue Pie and Rachel ^_^ 
Peach & Banana Crumble served with ice cream
Internship, it was great time, I really enjoy the movie after so long.
The Internship, person rating would be 9.5/10
It's a story of two salesmen, after being turned down by the reality, picking the courage to chase their dreams once again. It isn't easy to start all over again, when one has learned that they are best at something, then realize it doesn't last. Not only they are courageous, they've helped the teenage or young adult team mates to be a better person. It is indeed an inspiring movie.
Rachel and me
Thankful for the company, love ya always ;)


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