Fruity Bakery & Cafe @ Port Klang

Fruity Bakery & Cafe is a place I've known and visited since young. This cafe has so many of childhood memories. They serve quality and tasty dessert with good variety of cakes and pastries, cold or hot.
Chocolate Royal
chocolate cake with layers of chocolate cream in between,
covered with light cream and lastly chocolate ganache.

I remember the family used to come here on Sunday morning as an alternative to Sunday Bah Kut Teh. Back then, when I haven't started my love for coffee, mother and eldest brother enjoyed the free-refill coffee.
Seafood pasta with herb and tomato paste
rich herbs flavoured tomato paste, with chunks of crab stick and shrimps.
Meaty Dumpling
chicken bolognese served with bun, all time favorite. 
Apple Strudel with a cup of cappuccino
Coming to high school, occassionally I'd join my friends from prefectorial board for birthday celebration here. This place is few bus stops away from my high school and it's pretty convenient. My 18th birthday itself, ShiWei, LiWen and I, we borrowed bicycles and cycled all the way here for celebration.
Cream Horn and Vanilla Slice
Cream horn is highly recommended!
Sometimes when I was down, my aunt who always send me home after she leaves from work in the same high school, would buy me a piece of cheesecake to cheer me up.
A delectable afternoon tea for two.
Enjoy the chicken mushroom lasagna
Apart from all these ala carte menu, there are lunch promotion sets which value much!
With the price of only RM16.90, each lunch set comes with one main course, one beverage (usually iced peach tea or iced lemon tea) and dessert which a piece of cake.

I shall update this post later when I've gathered enough photos for other goodness in this cafe.

Till then, here's the address:
Fruity Bakery & Cafe
Address: 107, Lebuh Turi, Off Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, 41200 Klang


Run September 2013

I'm finally calling a day for running events in September.
Finisher medals from Live Great Run and IMU Chariofare
They were my first three runs ever, the Run For Peace in Taman Klang Jaya, the Live Great Run by Great Eastern, lastly the IMU Chariofare.
Records from Nike Running (phone application)

Run For Peace 2013 @ Taman Klang Jaya

It was my first run. Woke up early in the morning to meet up Rachel and Fion. 
We got our running shirt only on the spot.
Although we were there on time, the event started quite late, which was around 7.45am already.

This run gave me good sense of accomplishment and pushed up my confident more in running. This running event is open for public, we saw people of all ages, the very young and the very old. While running with these groups of people, I could outrun majority of the attendants with a walkathon mode. 

We are ready to run!

Fion, Rachel and me.
I then finally finished my first run with a record of 58:17 for 7.22km.

Live Great Run by Great Eastern 2013

The finisher medal and free banana to replenish energy and electrolytes!
The moment we got off from the shuttle bus between starting point and Publika mall was the moment 12km runners kick start their runs. We were LATE.
As I'm always very conscious with my bodily urge (whether to eat or to pee...), it was horrible to have to run with full bladder. I started searching for toilet after activating my BIB. My only thought was "Rachel mentioned there will be toilet at the 3km point, that's kinda far..."  With no luck, I couldn't find any other toilet before the 3km stop.
WooiKeong, Rachel and me.
WooiKeong, Rachel, me and Fion
Another run together! More to come more to come!
This was the most organized and structured run among the three. I could feel tear gland slightly stimulated when I was handed with the finisher medal. That was my longest run ever, 12km!

IMU Chariofare 2013

Then it was this morning. It was a challenge itself, to wake up early on a menstrual day, not to mention that I have to run. I kept up to the record though, maintain usual performance. Does that mean that I could've actually done better?
Rachel, Andrian and me.

Didn't know we're getting a finisher medal!
I've found my own way to run, which is to speed, then slow down for walking, then resume speeding again. This round, I felt the fall back from pushing myself to speed, as if the pain is pulling me back. Fighting back the resistance, it felt so well!

I'm looking forward to join more running events next year. Till then, I think I'm ready to follow the T25 Alpha Phase workout schedule. Shall continue on the exercise soon as well.


Let's get active! ...with Rachel and Fion

A few months ago I was asked to join few running events. Despite finding it not easy to wake up early before sunrise during weekends, I've eventually made it to two running events so far, the Run For Peace in Taman Klang Jaya and Live Great Run by Great Eastern earlier today. There'll be another one coming up this coming Saturday. It all started few months ago...
Rachel, Fion and me
Run For Peace, Taman Klang Jaya

WooiKeong, Rachel, me and Fion
Live Great Run
I was never a sport person. Six years ago, I started to swim when the family moved to a new neighborhood with club house. However, I was never a club member but a sub one under my parent's name. Hence, when my age hit 21 year-old, my temporary membership is gone and so as my routine exercise.
Gratefully, I've been influenced by my friend, Rachel, in doing workout and running. Together with Fion, we started getting closer in the social networking. Three of us are from the same high school, with Fion being in the same batch, different class; Rachel, one year younger than us. Till few months ago, when I finally completed one whole year of in-course practical training/ attachment at different states, we finally got to hang out more, to have face-to-face sessions.
Rachie and Fionie
These girls are special. Both went through large amount of weight loss with their own efforts. I admit that I once find it impossible to be done by myself. In them, I see the possibility, the determination and the discipline. I admire them. I'm inspired!

Choose what suits you most

Personally, I enjoy doing workout at home and running for the reason that both require no expense. As a student back then and a society new entrée right now, I don't really have the extra money for gym membership. Another plus point is that no transportation is required. With the traffic out there getting worse and worse nowadays, no transportation equals no jam, equals time saver. 
Sometimes the scenario would be just me, got home from work, a quick change, deng, I'm off for a run in the neighborhood. Otherwise, when it rains, I can always bring out my yoga mat and start the workout video.

Differentiate physical activity and exercise

Many are confused between physical activity and exercise. Physical activity is merely any bodily movements, such as moving the fingers, the legs, playing piano or guitar, shaking hands, etc. Note that house chores are categorized under physical activity.
On the other hand, exercise involves structured, planned, repetitive physical activity, intending to condition any bodily parts. Examples are jogging, workout, swimming, playing badminton, etc. I often describe to my clients that, usually exercise causes increase in heart beat and significant amount of sweating.

Why exercise?

Some people exercise for overall health and wellness, some exercise to lose weight. If you are looking for reasons to start exercising, here's why.
What exercise do to our body includes burning off the excess calories,
removing the toxics we encounter or produce from our metabolism.
Additionally, exercise helps to ease stress and anxiety.
To sum it all, exercise improves general health, physically and mentally, therefore, helps us to feel good and happy, as well as to prevent and fight health conditions and diseases!

Up next, I will look into types of exercise.

appreciate life,

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Twenty Third

It was expected that we won't be spending the exact day of my birthday this year.
Then I've got an early surprise celebration...
p/s: I have no idea why I did that pose...
Blessed with these Hokkaido sponge cake, yummylicious!
So that was the first gift.
Later on, we went to Upstair Cafe in Subang Jaya.
Heard that the red velvet cake was awesome here.
Well, not exactly my type of perfect, I enjoyed it still.

Upstair Cafe, Subang SS12
Address: 1st floor, 12 A, Jalan SS12/1B, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Then I spent the first day of my 23rd year of life in Taiwan.
Thank you all for the delicious beautiful chocolates, I was surprised too! :)
Looking forward to celebrate more birthdays with you all babes. ;)

appreciate life,

After Convocation Day

I guess I have arrived at the time, 
when people look back and think to themselves, 
"oh how I miss those school days!"


The convocation was scheduled after I've officially started my first job.
Should I be glad that I at least have that half a month salary to pay the cost of graduation...
Two-hundred for the ceremony, gowns and some photos; two-hundred twenty for presentable framed photographs of me in graduation gown and holding the degree, another me and my parents.
I shall then declare myself on financial constraint until the next pay check comes.

Wait, what about the budget for a pair of running shoes for my first run?
I guess I will just continue to run in my good pair of white school shoes...

Apart from that, a late convocation is not so inviting because I have to take unpaid leaves.
While you are already in the working world, the mindset is already...
... a dietitian.
A convocation then becomes just another ceremony that you attend just to meet friends.

Since I first realized I bring home stress from work, I decide to take control over, trying to not take home work, to complete whatever necessary within working hours.
It's been three days away from work, including two-day leave for the convocation and one weekend holiday.
I don't have problem picking up the working momentum but I prefer not to leave aside my appointed task. I feel that I haven't fulfilled my accountability.

Thanks daddy mommy for coming all the way to attend the ceremony.
Thanks Rachel and Fion for the flower bouquet, and Rachel came and shared the moment.

For the people I'd failed to invite then later realize they can't space out their time table any more, 
as my facebook status updates:
"Sincerely seeing the convocation as just another ceremony, it's a shame that I'd failed to inform and invite my beloved ones. Well you don't have to see me in a graduation robe to love me, do you? 
Appreciate the blessings, I look forward to more times and days spent together in the future. xo."

Here's a link to a facebook video, taken by daddy, of me being handed my degree:
click here.

appreciate life,

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