Retrospective on the end of U life

So I was checking out on the IMU Learning Portal for academic calender, to check on the exact date of convocation.

Convocation usually held on a Saturday, hence 7 September it is.

At the same time, I was looking back at the assignments: reflective sheets, case reports that were worked on, hours spent, days spent, effort spent. They were gone. The page for Semester 7 and 8 were refreshed, updated with the placement list for our junior, ND110. Of course. It was like that as well, refreshed for us, seniors' gone, as well.

As I was clearing up my gadgets, making space to take photo in the coming Taiwan trip, the photos in the phone brought back memories.

Those time in Penang

The blue blue sky in Penang while we were on our back after work.
I can vividly remember WoanYin asking me what photo was I taking.
I told her the sky was really blue.
Quarantine time after OSCE (practical exam)
Then it was the one awesome night together...
Our Graduation Night
First time wearing fake eye lashes de AhSum *_*
Got close to her during Food Service Placement ;)

I believe that
Bunch of ND1/09's visited Klang 

Photo booth together...


Dates with Jen' and Selina

It's a shame that I didn't take any photo with Selina that day.

After all these outings

I'd been sending out resumes and going on interview.
So fortunately, I've got a job as a Nutritionist.
This is a beautiful beginning =)

appreciate life,

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