Caffeine Overdose: Antipodean Cafe, Espressamente illy and Artisan @Bangsar

It's a home alone Sunday, coincidently Jen' messaged to call out for a catch-up session.
So I happily brought along the lens lend to me from Kevin, only when I arrived at Bangsar, I realize I forgot to put back the SD card, wasn't able to take any shot with the SLR at all!

Well, SIII did the job then.

Antipodean Cafe @Bangsar

Grilled Chicken w/ Tomato RM 19 
Affogato RM 10
Jen's Cappucino RM 9  
Her Big Breakfast RM 20
The food are good, but the portion is too big for both of us.
In general, my grilled chicken w/ tomato was sweet, the bites of tomatoes were great but I'd had tastebud fatigue towards the end. Jen' couldn't finish her scrambled egg while we both loved the mushroom.
The menu is on the wall, kinda inconvenient to read with the busy cafe and the fact that I don't like to wear my spectacles. The coffee... well, didn't impress both of us. 
The best affogato was still from This & That Cafe. 

The experience was overall nice, with the friendly service and good food.

Address: Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur

Espressamente illy @Bangsar Village I

Espresso Dopio RM 10
Today was like a coffee trip to Bangsar. We passed by Espressamente unintentionally while we initially wanted to go to Artisan only. I remember the name "Espressamente" from a coffee review, it is said to be the best in Malaysia. Then I said to Jen', I'll have three cups of coffee instead of just two today.

The coffee was rich. I like it with sugar though. Still in the process of appreciating and learning how to taste good coffee.

Address: Lot F-12 & F-13, First Floor, Bangsar Village I
or Espressamente illy @Pavillion Kuala Lumpur 
Address: Lot 3.10.00 Level 3, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.

Artisan Coffee Bar @Bangsar Village II

Piccolo and Jen's Latte RM 11 each 
Jen's treat: Chocolate squares RM 3 each
Selfie 2
I like the ambiance, being situated in the middle of a mall yet it's comfortable. According to the barista, the Piccolo is a kind of latte with less steamed milk. Didn't get to talk more to the barista then.

Do try the chocolate treats if you are a chocolate lover, quite a different way to enjoy chocolate.

Address: UGF-K1, Bangsar Village II

appreciate life,

Padi House @Sri Petaling

Today is our Graduation Night at Bukit Jalil Resort Club.
I'm here early for some last minute rehearsal and decided not to travel back to Klang till the night event.

While I'm literally starving for skipping breakfast (which I usually don't) and at the same time longing for a good cup of coffee nearby, I've chosen Padi House.
They serve Lavazza, Italian coffee
Lavazza is regarded as the "least expensive true Italian beans
Lavazza is one of the branded Italian coffee. One writer said it to be produced chocolate aftertaste and good creme production (link), I agree. Although when compared to Illy and RedBird, the writer kind of rated it as below these brands. 

This is some rating I get from the Coffee Review (link):
Aroma  6
Acidity  8
Body  7
Flavour  7 
Aftertaste  8

They are having the promotion of with every purchase of cheesecake (Japanese Cheesecake, Original Cheesecake or Oreo Cheesecake), you can get a cup of coffee (Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Green Tea Latte) at 50% discounted price.

Coffee art attempted.. jiayou 
I'm not sure how long with the promotion last though, it's been a while.
Hopefully it's a long term thing. 
Original Cheesecake
The food choice has good variety, with quite promising quality. 
I always like to order the Padi House Chicken Chop Rice for the value.

Padi House Chicken Chop Rice
Mushroom sauce grilled chicken, served with egg, spring rolls and salad

The environment is comfortable and cozy. Although it is air-conditioned, it is open-air, just nice for a girl is can't withstand cold like me.

This place is located next to PapaRich Sri Petaling.

Address: 29, Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur. 
Facebook page: Padi House Bakery & Cafe

appreciate life,

Letting it Out

There's something about the way they scream.
I can't help but laugh along,
every. SINGLE. time. I. watch. this. video.

It's the ultimate OSCE (practical exam with few stations to go through and buzzer going off every station) tomorrow.
I need to let it out tooooo.


appreciate life,

This & That click a cake @Puchong -revisit

17.3.2013 (retrospective post)

previous post here.
I've enjoyed this cafe very much, hence decided to bring Jen' and Catherine.
It's a feast!
I can't recall what I ordered, sincerely :p
I always remember the emotion attached though
and it was awesome pawsome feeling!
A 9/10, considering the taste, completeness, price and enjoyment.
Jen's and Catherine's bagels and cappuccinos
They made an exchange, both of them enjoy their plates. 
Rose and Matcha Macaroons
Another 9/10,
considering the texture, aroma, taste (not too sweet!) and presentation. 

A 8/10, served hot, fresh ingredients.
Apple crumble served with ice cream
Total excitement! A 9/10!
The apple crumble was still hot/warm, crunchy crumble,
combination with the ice cream, cold mouth feel in contrast. 

Looking forward to come here again!

Address: 1-39, Jalan Puteri 4/6 Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong.
Facebook page: This & That Click A Cake

appreciate life,

Kitakami @Sri Petaling

Have I posted about Kitakami (previously known as "Zakka Plus") ?
Zakka +
It was a place Jen' brought me to. 
It has became our usual.

We'll drop by for a cup of coffee over long chat.
We once spent one whole afternoon, chit-chating from the noon till the sky was already dark.
The cozy interior of the coffee place
It's a nice little hut, with transparent wall, which you can look outside while sipping on a nice cup of coffee. 
It is located near the old area of Sri Petaling, where I recalled it as an empty field with trees.
The developer transformed this place into few huts for business purpose. 

They sell some little decorations at the corner of the shop.
Jen' loves vintage, these are so her and her style.

They serve some pasta and snacks, as well as cakes and desserts.
I would recommend this little bowl of lasagna, served with some corn salad at side.
It's a little too salty for me though, 6.5/10 maybe.
Zakka plus was the place I first tried Affogato.
One scoop of icre cream, drowning in one shot of espresso.
What can be prettier than this?
The place I fall into ice cream drowning in coffee

More photos...

A nice coffee place is about 
the moments shared and the memories made.  

Address: Jalan Radin Anum 1 opposite Caring Pharmacy, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Facebook page: Zakka Plus

Me and Jen'
Sometimes, although we can't meet up.
We'll still drop by this place by ourselves.
With a book, or just the mood to chill and relax.

appreciate life,

Espresso Lab @The Gardens | Dotz Cafe @Kota Kemuning | Cafe 1986 @Ambang Botanic

Since coming back from Penang, I'm all crazy about coffee and have been hunting for good coffee everywhere outside Starbucks, unlike usual.

Espresso Lab @ The Gardens

A place highly recommended for people looking for good coffee, as well as nicely done coffee art.
I'd give it a 8/10.
My cup of Cappuccino
with funky monkey face coffee art
Latte, Mocha and Cappuccino
 Jen', Catherine and I, each of us enjoyed the coffee served.
Only one drawback, it's the environment and ambiance of the coffee place.

Address: Level one, The Gardens/ Mid Valley (along the linking bridge)

Dotz Cafe @ Kota Kemuning

 As referred to the menu, this coffee place is run by a group of artist.
Rachel, Fion and I, we enjoyed our time doing work while relaxing and chit-chating.

Each of us had tried the pasta, bolognese and carbonara.
Pork meatball Bolognese
Chicken Ham Carbonara
 I tasted the carbonara. It has great mix of aromatic ingredients, with hint of chili.
Personally thought the chicken ham is very dry, I hence dipped it in the carbonara sauce.
I'd say it's a 7/10.
Do have a glass of water with you to refresh your taste bud once in a few mouthful of the pasta.

Oreo Mascarpone Cheesecake and Matcha and Chocolate Mouse cake
 It is said that the cakes served differs everytime.
Some of the cakes are taken from the central kitchen while some from home chef.
Both cakes were tasty, good presentation.
Rachel and Fion, both of them love the Mint Chocolate.
I stick to my usual, coffee.
Asian at work (heehee)

Address: Jalan Anggerik Vanilla BE 31/BE, Biz Park 2, Anggerik Vanilla, 40460 Shah Alam.

Cafe 1986 @ Ambang Botanic

This place is located right opposite AEON Bukit Tinggi.
One cozy coffee place closest to my place.
Cappuccino, under-expectation
Italian Delight
: delightful indeed!
Shared the cake and one whole Sunday afternoon with ShiWei,
I like it that they always have fresh flowers on the table.
Really cheers me up.
Tried the other cakes too, recommended to revisit!

Went with cousins the other day,
a treat by Stacey <3 td="">
Had the bread pudding,
a 7/10 to me.
My Affogato No.2
it's served with chocolate ice cream and the espresso separated
(Not how I like it)
Nelson's having his carbonara.

Address: 1st floor, 87, Jalan Mahogani 5, Bandar Botanic, 41200 Klang.

In all,

I love the coffee in Espresso Lab the most,
enjoy the ambiance in Dotz Cafe the most,
but Cafe 1986 is the closest coffe place to go...

enjoy coffee places,

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