"Student Dietitian IMU, CADIE"

We have had our Mock OSCE today, 
had a taste of Objective Structured Clinical Examination.
Suppose the examination comprises the elements from our usual practice as a dietitian,
I should be able to handle it when the full set comes.

From Kuala Pilah, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Bukit Jalil, Seremban, to Pulau Penang,
I marked the end of the dietetic placement in Pulau Penang with a long sleep from 4am to 1pm, as I arrived at home around 3am+
The daily responsibilities as a student dietitian and
the academic assignment as a student.
Towards the end of the placement, feeling glad to work under En Chandra,
understanding the importance of continuity in the Nutrition Care Process,
as well as the difficulties in ensuring it when multiple cases and responsibilities clashes.
Earlier when there were less cases,
I've done some extra learning and developed some education tools.
Which, all these are part of the dietitian's roles.


From top: Ms Chew; Pn Noraini, En Hisyam, En Chandra, Ms Wong and Ms Khor;
Photo left out: Pn Saf and Pn Azlinah.
It's been great pleasure working with and learning from the dietitians in Hospital Pulau Penang. 

Us in the group had also received individual feedback and comment from our supervising lecturer, Ms Ng, today. I've worked with her since my placement in the long term care setting, which is the entire final year except for community placement only.

She has known me well, my weaknesses and strengths. I'm feeling lucky throughout the final year. To have the preceptors in HPP, giving me feedback that helps me grow. Besides, the reassurance from Ms Ng, as well as the constructive suggestion.

Say goodbye to the title "Student Dietitian",
I need to look to the future and continue to pour my "extra" love to the patients who need the care.
This is the time, I look back and laughed at the old me, feeling glad that I've came this far.
It's a long way still.
And nothing comes easy.
I've found my passion and I shall live it then!

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