Sharing double the happiness

It was like a rainbow after rain.
After one whole week of SP sessions, which suppose should be held in the CSU but CSU is overcrowded, we are having our patient skill development in the PBL rooms, it was finally time to meet up my girls for the weekend. 
the rainbow lies above the shop lot in Sri Petaling while we were enjoying the tom yum soup 
The kuey teow Pad Thai wasn't anything special but plain fried kuey teow...
KaiXin doesn't eat the egg, it ended up in me and Jen
This soup was good! We suppose there was some coconut milk in there due to the richness.
Immediately after the dinner, KaiXin and Jen' slept over in Klang.
Started the day with bah kut teh 
Feel so stuffed, we went walking around the park 

We went to Fruity too. Sharing all the tasty pastries I love with my girls..
lunch/ tea time
At night, KaiXin went on and join the boy friend.
I then brought Jen' to D'Tavern, a very old, classy western restaurant in Port Klang.
Warm buns
French Onion Soup with cheesy croutons 
My grilled snapper served with tartar sauce 

Really glad to bring them to my one and only beauty & spa place too.
Both of them seems to be very satisfied with the services.

Alangkah bagus if I always have companions for all these places and activities?
Well, I should be glad to at least have them once, shouldn't I?

enjoy life,

The Final Chapter of Uni Life

It's daily routine now:
check for classes, print out the notes;
study the notes and be prepared;
continue the NCP sheet pertaining to the progress of lectures;
check and manage the progress for convo magazine photoshooting;
check IMU e-mail;
fill in the activity log book;
work on my clinical pocket guide book.

In few more months,
I'll be a graduate.

Now, it's all about making extra miles.
With all the challenges in daily life and the clinical training,
I'll be a better me.

appreciate life ;) ,

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