Can't wait though reluctant

to end my Semester 7.
Can't believe it's our final year already.
Sincerely can't wait to leave school and throw myself to the real world.
CangCang! My new sunglasses bought in Alamanda!
Just like previous placement, there've been ups and downs in Putrajaya.
Other than being used to this nomadic life,
I've learnt to enjoy life alone more, as well as getting along with Malay,
which I was less exposed to before Semester 7.

Nevertheless, my Malay speaking is still very bad. 

Parents have been gone for trip. 
Even though I'm on a tight budget,
I save money from eating only in the Besta kitchen for some entertainment during free time. 
Starting to like GSC's caramel popcorn,
more affordable and suitable for me too,
small popcorn RM4.30,
the portion is just nice. 
Went window shopping too.
I've been looking for this kind of dress,
haven't found one that really suit me though. 
Thought of having a all-vegetable meal,
failed cause the Ayam Bakar Tipu-tipu Sos Cili is just too nice!
We went to Alamanda for the second time last week.
Went to TGI Friday again, redeemed our free Sizzling Cheese Chicken from giving feedback online. 
Really like this salad, the chicken is nice and tender,
the salad is fresh with nice sweet and sour dressing 
These potato skin didn't impress me much. 
This is the free dish, like the mashed potato and cheesy sauce a lot!

We've done the production and menu planning assignment,
there are three more major assignments for the last three weeks.
Together we make wonder,
jiayou to us!

appreciate life,

Fun time Klebang

It's weekend again!
I've been going out every night for the past three days!


Chilling time with
Cocoa Cappuccino and Butterscotch Cinnamon Roll
at Starbucks, Pearl Point


In my new red top :) 
Movie: The Fierce Wife
GSC, Mid Valley Megamall


Finally my second Klebang Coconut Shake! 
Nyonya Taukuah Rojak 
Awesome laksa
The initial plan was to join the Zumba Party at Wendy's mom's restaurant at Pantai Klebang.
Ended up spending most of the time shopping and hanging out with Selina and friends :D
Selina, me, Amy, Giovanna :D
Bought new slippers and cardigan too.
It was nice meeting new friends and spending more time with Selina :)

Thank you, Selina aka LiChin, for bringing me and your friends together,
and it must'd been tiring driving all the way from KL to Malacca,
then from Malacca to KL again.
Thank you, Giovanna, for tying the braid for me;
Thank you, Amy, for sharing your stories.

Great night at Pantai Klebang

The salesgirl told us she didn't have any nail colour removal for anyone who tested the nail colours...
starting to like it though :-p
Felt like fully recharged,
shall concentrate and work hard on the last four assignments before semester 7 ends.

A night like this,
sipping on hot coffee,
feels good. :)

fun time,

Food and places

We've finally come to the last 5 weeks of semester 7.
As much as I want it to end faster,
I'm gonna miss it so much;
the group mates, the house mates, the preceptor, the friends we made in the setting...

Living out with a complete kitchen is awesome.
I avoid eating out as much as I can.
My first curry with frozen chapatti 
French toast, with cheese filling this time 
Improved vegetable soup, added some dried kuey teow too
Have been gaining weight during the period of attachment with the production department. 
Like these pancake Kak Ayah made!
Went walking around outside the hospital,
it's so cold I felt like a ice cube sitting in the building for too long.
Working on the assignment in the library
Occasionally, we went around Putrajaya.
The Perdana Putra Building 
The Putra Mosque 
All flags are up!
Last Saturday, we celebrated the supervisor, Kak Yana's birthday!
Happy birthday Cik Libra!
 During the weekend, I went to the Teow Chew association night event with parents. 
They were serving with these sterilised cutleries. 
Proud to be a Teow Chew! LOL~
On Sunday, we went to Fruity bakery and cafe for afternoon tea. 
Cream horn, apple strudel, black forest and iced cappuccino 
I remember visiting this cafe on Sunday morning when I was still very young. 
Their black forest is the best I ever had! 
This will always be my favorite local cafe.

appreciate life,

Another fruitful weekend

It's week 5 of the Food Service Placement.
I've been very well adapted to the life.
Night view of the golf field when the lights are lit 
Looking down from the balcony
For weeks I've been cooking with just a pot and no oil.
I'm so bored with my cooking then I started preparing my meal with the pan.
Cheezy corn and tomato scramble egg
Low fat curry prepared with curry powder and tomato purée 
I've prepared French toast too!
But I must've accidentally deleted the photos.

We'd been working with the production department in the kitchen.
As a result of carelessness and over-confident...
Big blister!
It was so painful when it burst while I was still working in the kitchen.
I went back to Klang for a night yesterday and took off to Seremban for the IMU Clinical School Health Awareness Day.
Brought coffee and the brownies I made yesterday 
Lots and lots of balloons~~
It was a shame that there was no crowd.
I was placed at the BMI station with MeiSiah, one Nursing student, PeiLing and one Biomedical student, Shane (?).
In the end, I went from being a volunteer to becoming a participant instead.

I thought it was a good event, good way to give back to the society.
I've attended both the health talks and health screening.
I've always been monitoring my BMI when I started joining the course.
It's very worth it for the blood lipid and blood glucose measurement as these simple screening tests, all together could cost more than ten Ringgit. 
My readings were good, 5.2 mmol/L RBS, 4.35 mmol/L TC. Received some compliments for having beautiful teeth and ears too during the dental and ENT screening.

What's more, I've learnt CPR!
It was explained that it is critical to perform CPR the moment a person lose his/her consciousness as a lot of times, the checking of pulses and so forth can delay the CPR, which could lead to mortality or immobility due to brain damage. 
So people, do take note of this!

appreciate life,

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