Getting used to this "nomad life"

I've started to adapt to my life here,
adapting to this "nomad life".

With Catherine and Jen' at Padi House
During the Malaysia Day holiday, 
I've made Tim Tam Truffles for my friends.
for ShiWei 
for myself, hehe 
for Rachel and Fion. 
For Catherine and Jen'
Gave one to Zoe too, then keeping the rest in the fridge in hostel. 

I'll be broke in time if I go out for dinner too frequently in KL.
I've prepared mushroom sauce for pasta after getting bored with the red sauce.
There are some sausages, prawns and fish.
Life in Vista C is so much less boring with all these movie I got from Kevin and brother.
Typical weekday dinner time.
I've decided to stay in Vista for the night last Saturday.
It's kinda tiring to have to go back and forth each week.
After coming back from work and reaching hostel at around 3pm,
I showered and went out alone. 

I've gone to the Scott Garden, off Old Klang Road.
It is more or less like the bbt ONE in Bukit Tinggi, Klang.
Except, it is larger and has got Tesco.
I'm spoiling myself with my favorite snacks.
Bought vodka and red wine too :-p 
It didn't look appetizing but it was okay,
RM6.50, what to expect?
My favorite fish fillet, my favorite black pepper sauce,
with egg and rice and soup.
I went walking around after the early dinner.
Found a BlackBerry casing for my phone!
Not very talented but I'm trying to learn the art of potong harga... 

I bought some clothes with reasonable price.
Though, I have to "tighten up my belt" for this month already...

Looking forward for the empty shop lots to open for business;
looking forward to come again with friends,
for shopping, for food, for karaoke and for beer too!

Just went out to Sri Petaling to meet Catherine, very spontaneous and I like it~
I've met new friend too! Last Friday.
It feels good to meet friend you wanna go out together the first time you meet.

enjoying life,

New chapter of my placement

I've started the another 10 weeks in the final year Dietetic Practicum.
Now I have to travel to Putrajaya 6 days per week with my groupmates for the food service management practicum.

Life's been good in Bukit Jalil, in the Vista Komanwel.
I've bought a new study table, had my printer repaired and brought over here as well.
Love the golf field view =)
Once in a blue month, I'll meet up with Jen' during weekends.
Two days ago, I've finally got to meet up KaiXin too!
Also, starting this semester, I "develop" my love for bears :-p

Oh and I've bought new Blackberry!
It's also a Curve.

Then it's movie night with my Twitter Gang!
I'll call this "yuan2" =)

appreciate life,

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