Kuala Pilah ◊ Melacca

Started the final year with a Community Dietetic Practicum, 
placement in Kuala Pilah.
Old shop lot in Kuala Pilah
The antique door 
Very oriental. 
Beautifully decorated wall, the colour last. 
I have two batch mates with me, Sum and Sharon.
We rented a room right behind this building.
Sun rise from the window 
Brought along Blanket bear and Pilot bear with me 
Smiling Blanket bear meet Sum's little cutie XiaoMickey~ 
Pilot bear is smaller, it's easier to be carried around.  
The food there~
MiHunKuey, Wanton Noodle @ Medan Selera
CheeCheongFun, Dried Noodles @ HinYu (Next to Gedung Sri Minang)
"Nasi Goreng Melang" @ Melang
"Mee Lakna" and "Roti Canai"
"Mee Soto"
@ Bistro Cintadua
Chicken Rice
"Nasi campur"
"CharKueyTeow" with under-cooked egg > <"

We don't eat out all the time.
Sum brought electrical cooker and I brought pot.
We cook our dinner sometimes. 
Pasta with hard-boiled egg
Instant noodles with egg and veggies
Noodle soup with tofu, fish ball, egg and veggies~

We went to the waterfall nearby.
Then one weekend before heading home,
Sum and I went to Melacca :D
We took off from Kuala Pilah,
going through Tampin and reach Melacca in about an hour and more.
The mountain road was very bengkang-bengkok.
Throughout the journey, there were signs like Zon Kemalangan. @_@
Little Portuguese egg tarts~ 
Durian popiah and durian bomb~ 
Then SamSokGong durian cendol~~
Meet AHMA (Rilakkuma) :D 
Thank you SUM~~ :))) 
Then, I have 3 bears now :D
Sadly I was sick by the end of the placement. 
Went and seen by the doctor in the hospital we were reporting to,
it's FOC!

Also in Melacca,
this year,
only months ago.

I don't know what to think about those memories.
Am I the only one remembering them?
It's as if they never happened,
those people I loved and cherished,
they're gone.
Being left out from their lives as they moved on,
like it's wanted that way.

appreciate life,

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