Last bit of last long break

Last Thursday was my last day in the break when I can sleep the most,
do anything I like.
It turned out a really pretty one.

Did laundry, had koko crunch with milk as breakfast.
Slack a little, baked then went out and took some photographs by the pond in the neighborhood. 

It's been a while since the last time I spent time with my SLR.
I'm really lucky with all the lotus flowers blooming and so many fireflies joining me during the shooting.

With the limitation of the kit lens,
I'd got to sit on the ground, stepped the closest to the pond, stood in some weird positions to take these photos.
Your opinions? =)
Baked some muffins,
with extra extra extra chocolate chips and almond nips.

See the melting choco inside?
Packed them up!
Did some sewing job later.
It was raining.
Was being comfortable in my room, sewing up the big hole on the old bed sheet. It's to be brought to Kuala Pilah.
Blanket bear with me
When mom came back from work, I borrowed her car to the mall to buy a broadband for use during the placement too.
Bought myself Java Chips,
before going off to a place without Starbucks.

It was the semester briefing on Friday.
Things that are gonna happen throughout our final year were briefed. My brain was so saturated I started to feel blur after the briefing with Ms.Ng.
You see, we'll be doing Community Nutrition, Long Term Care Centre, Food Service Management and Clinical. Ms.Ng is gonna be my supervising lecturer for all only except the first part. Hope I won't get confused in the end...
Any way, I only wish to concentrate on my Community Nutrition for now.

Later that day, I went out for dinner with my girls and Shryn.
Had this, the Fish Fillet MeeHoon Soup.
It was my first time ordering this, I enjoyed it!
I was actually feeling quite exhausted already. I did some last minute shopping during Thursday night, kinda work out the body a little walking around in quick paces. Then it was the briefing.
Having to have to take the long LRT-KTM route back home, I was imagining it to be a bit of torturing and scary. I had never used public transport alone during this late hour.
However, it turned out okay. There were fair bit of crowd though I got to be seated throughout the journey.

Then it's Saturday.
I went working, promoter job again. It was located in the NSK trade city, Taman Sentosa. There was this event going on and the sampling was only complimenting it in my opinion.
First time knowing this Malaysian Celebrity Chef, Amy Beh
The celebrity chef, Amy Beh was hosting the cooking demonstration in the mall. I got the chance to sneak a peak while giving out Teh-C(sample) we made from the promoting product.
Jimmy, the agent was really thoughtful. We were paid right after the job was done. I then spent part of the wages on sleeping gowns and baju kurung which I've been looking for for so long~

It's been fruitful.
I baked,
I took photos,
I went out with friends,
I worked,
in just the last 3 days of June.

Gonna say goodbye again, my lovely home.

appreciate life,

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