"Yesterday Once More"

That was the theme of the first IMU N&D Seniors' Graduation Night or the ND Night.
Welcome on board with the N&D Airlines
Once again, I took the KTM-LRT route to Bukit Jalil,
spent some quality time with Jen' and stayed over at her place after the event.
Thanks much my dear =)
Jen' helped me with my eye make-up,
thank you~~ =D
The event was at the Bukit Jalil Golf Resort Perdana Ballroom. 
The deco team led by KarWei had done great job decorating the hall! 
The theme was to go back to 60's, 70's 
Table deco
Looking at the golf field from the other side now.
Remember the photo of golf field I posted,
it was taken from the buildings in this photo,
the buildings of Vista Komanwel. 
The door gift and booklet 
Awesome photo booth! 
At the reception...
Nice no? ;)  
We finally got to fill our stomachs after some speeches and performances.
The food was good.
I tried almost all of the lauk-pauk.
Had desserts too.
Fruits and pudding
Later on, shared a bowl of extra-sweet ABC ice with Sum.

I don't have my other photos...
The group photos, the photo taken with Ms.Cheng.
I've known she's leaving as she told me during one of our research meeting...
I'm not a expressive person but I can't hide my feelings either.
I almost cried while taking the photo so I "ran away" right after.

All the best, Ms.Cheng.
That's all I said.

It was a night of perfection, almost everything was in order.
The technical issues were minor.
We were really like a huge family,
the ND lecturers, our senior (ND108), my batchmates (ND109), the juniors (ND110, ND111)...
The emcees, Kenneth and ZhiiYee were great.
The performances were creative and fun too.
The "Glowing Malnourished" by ND110
It was simply AWESOME,
100% creativity!

And for the first time,
my make-up was still intact, not messy even after the event, after few drops of tears...
Thank you again my dear Jen', you can consider yourself having certain level of make-up skills already!

I got myself a red helium balloons!
I took it back from the event for the first time! =D
That's another kind of "Yesterday Once More" for me.
I've been fulfilling things I've never done in my childhood, one by one...
Sometimes it seems childish but I feel very happy, deep down.

appreciate life,

After 15 years and my first dive

I went to Redang Island again.

The photos above were taken on the day we left the island,
it was only until that day, the sun was very bright.

The other days, I didn't really get tan with my wet suit which provide UV protection.

ABC by old uncle and auntie
I can't recall how many bowls of ABC had I taken throughout the 3-day-2-night trip,
definitely more than five.
It is awesomely tasty for the black coconut sugar syrup, which has unique aroma and sweetness.

What's better than a bottle of good beer and nuts on the island? 
We did have few meals in the Redang Bay Cafetaria,
but this Salted Fish Fried BeeHoon is a must-try,
as well as the "Man" Yee Mee which I'd forgotten to take photo.

It was a good trip of food, food and food.
We stopped by a few places during the car trip from Kuala Terrenganu to Klang. 
Huge shrimp, yum! 
Fresh and exotic steam fish,
you can't complain.
Thanks again, Kevin and Hoon.
Nice knowing you, Tee, Cyun and WanJi.
It was a great and memorable trip with the sun and the beach.

...first dive

Ah Tee helping me with my wet suit

Ah Hoon helping me while I'm doing the "superman"
It's me, in red fin!
on the surface with Ah Tee
the team!
ship wreck, a popular diving site.


My first team, first dive buddy
awesome pawsome!!!

appreciate life,

Finally something for the semester break!

The Euro 2012 just started lately.
I watched the first match, Poland vs Greece,
what an interesting opening match! 
Microwave pop corn, great snack watching movie as well as football match! =D 
It's just me in the living room.

Bought another pair of spectacles yesterday,
I had already lost 2 pairs this year,
which isn't doing any good cause spectacles are costly!
Though this one only cause me RM88, phew~

ShiWei came visit!
She was finally free again after her busy period too the last few months. 
Had cakes in Secret Recipe
Watched Snow White and the Huntsman with her and JunXiang that night. 
Me and she =) 
Me, ShiWei and JunXiang~  
We went to mamak later after the movie,
great time chit-chatting,
hope to have another outing like this soon.

Then it was today,
after the routine Sunday Bah Kut Teh and shopping in the shopping mall,
with the relative, 
we went to Ijok, Kuala Selangor and Jeram. 
Duck dish in Ijok
not my favorite :-p 
Pork's hand in Ijok,
not my favorite :-p 
The Beggar's Chicken in Ijok
also not my favorite :-p
Where are my favorites?
In my stomach!
I was too busy eating I didn't take photos of the shrimps and crabs... :-p 
RM388 for 10 dishes,
including pork, chicken, duck, shrimps, crabs, soup, glutinous rice and veggie! 
On the way to another destination, Kuala Selangor 
On the way~ 
This was nearby jeti. 
Shop for some local special. 
On the way... 
Next stop: Jeram 
On the way... 
On the way... 
We arrived at the Kedai Kopi Shin Lok which is famous for their pau and yam cake.
Crispy on the outside, yummy! 
Kedai Kopi Shin Lok, Jeram
It was tiring but enjoyable,
a trip with mom and SanGe, 
also relatives,
never really happened before this.

What has boredom done to me....

I started to like bear bear... a lot, heehee~~
Most of all, Rilakkuma, have been searching for one,
gonna save up for one,
soon, I hope...
My pilot bear :D 
My blanket bear,
which appear in the last blog post ^__^
and if you notice,
there are two curtain bear in the photo, haha~

Cousin Yi-Ru is back from UK, after two years there! 
I got chocolate :D 
and body butter :D
Thank you so much!!! =D
Can't wait to spend some quality time with her!

appreciate life,

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