Home stay before being "nomadic"

I consider the semester break started since last Saturday,
after coming back from Bukit Jalil on Friday afternoon.
Went GM to do some survery,
the phase II building is still under construction.

Breakfast on Monday morning   
Breakfast on Tuesday morning 
Banana and orange smoothies
Already finished the latest season of Gossip Girl so far,
Supernatural is still "in progress".

Made large pot of bolognese sauce yesterday and freeze them in separate containers,
as inspired by KaiXin's dad.
Spaghetti or pasta can be served in no time with the instant sauce to go with!
Lay pasta and sauce in a ramekin,
at least 2 layers,
then top with cheese and bake it in an oven.
Qiang~ my lunch on Tuesday..
I didn't just boil the pasta for just one portion,
boiled twice the portion, then prepare the same thing when I finished my lunch,
then put in the fridge, another portion of laziness there :-p 
Breakfast this morning 
Overstuffed myself with three pieces of bread,
those are the last few pieces,
so I spread some mixed peanut and berries jam on the thinner pieces. 
Qiang~ they taste good~
Today was so far more boring than yesterday.
I blended fruit smoothies, boiled Chinese tongshui, made the bolognese sauce, did some house chores, did laundry, cleaned the room a little bit, 
all those enough for me to sweat a lot.
Then at night, finished up the final touch for the thesis,
burned a CD to be submitted.

Of all the chores I did already,
I have little to do today.
Lunch, a bigger portion 
This is cooked with longan, red dates, luohan guo and pandan leaves.
Had it hot in the rainy day.

One good thing though, 
I barely spend a cent since I'm home with complete supplies after Sunday shopping with dad and mom.

Please my car be fixed sooner,
so I can drive it to Bukit Jalil next Monday,
go to work in it next week.

And I need to do some shopping for loose outfits,
me, SumSum and XueLoon, 
we are the first group ever to have our Community Dietetics placement in Klinik Kesihatan Kuala Pilah.
Definitely don't wanna be sent back for our outfit shopping.

Oh please the list of food service placement be released sooner,
I'm a bit anxious already.

appreciate life,

Sem 6 Exam Weeks

Life's been different... in a good way.

I've been waking up to this view... <3

Semester 6 end of semester exam started last week.
Have been staying over at friends since last Sunday night,
due to the fact that I now have no car to drive myself everywhere.

How bad was the accident?
Pardon me for the quality of the photos, it was dark already.

It was no fun, 've been somewhat depressed, in a not obvious way,
until the fear was released during a break down while staying over at Jennifer's last week.
(Heart you, Jen <3)

I've been learning to be frank to myself,
to allow myself freedom to release my feelings that I've been hiding for whatever reasons.
It feels so good, so much less lonely :)
Thank you SumSum, for the advice ;)

Back to the exam weeks,
I'd been nervous, for not feeling nervous about my exams.
There was little urge to push myself into working hard, studying hard for the exams!
it was pointless to feel nervous,
feeling nervous doesn't help in answering those application questions,
so I was fine.

After the first two papers on last Wednesday and Thursday,
we went out as a group to Empire.
Awesome friends also the Birthday girls, MunTeng and KaiXin :D

@Italiannies, Empire Shopping Gallery ^__^
Happy Birthday again! :D
Then few days later I got this...
Thank you note from Mun Teng, so lovely :)

It was very pleasant stay with Jennifer,
can't believe it was over already.
Still remember I first called her to ask her permission after the car accident
cause I was worrying about my transport to Bukit Jalil for examinations..
And now I'm staying with KaiXin,
get to chit-chat with her housemate HongHui too!
We got this from HongHui,
tried #4, too strong for me X__X
Last paper was Tuesday,
should be my best paper I think.
've been bringing in caffeine drinks...
Coffee, then green tea,
good stimulation for brain blood flow and fat oxidation :-p
It was Dietetics Practicum Briefing right after the last paper.
It was out of expectation.
We were told that we'll be sent to Klang Valley for Community Dietetic placement,
however, the list of placement sites comprises places such as Sri Kota in Klang and Klinik Kesihatan in Seremban.
So where should we stay? So we can't just rent a place and stay for the whole semester anymore?
The worst part was that we don't get to know which places will we be placed to yet.
How are we going to arrange accommodation then? 

The Sem 6 EOS exam ended officially yesterday when I finished the MNT Laboratory practical exam.
Cooked Ikan Masak Lemak Pedas and stir-fried cabbage, 
can try prepare the fish dish for my family later on, it was quite appetizing.

So that's it for our Semester 6,
goodbye third year,
hello final year.
In love with the golf field view...
The final year is gonna be tough.
I have to work extra harder.
I wanna give my best.
At the same time I need to constantly remind myself to be more careful,
to appreciate my life,
not to be hurt in any form, physically and mentally.

I don't like happening life, I want productivity.

appreciate life,

Another month closer to the 22nd

Another month has passed...
And the end of semester exam is in about a week time.
It's May now :)
It was quite a boring Labour Day for me.
Had blunch outside.
Not used to life at home anymore I don't know why. 
Bagel and egg sandwich was nice :D 
I spelled out my name twice but the barista just can't get it right...
Now this Ice-shaken Lemon Tea belonged to a golf brand... =.=
I remember waking up in the morning,
having the feeling as if I've gone through another period of rushing assignments, reports and most importantly the thesis.
I was all sweaty.
A bit like a sudden panic.

Then I was having soar throat for eating the overnight prawn cakes my mom made while watching the football match.
(Man. U lost, argh.)
Feeling a little dizzy still after half an hour waking up, 
I whatsapp KaiXin to tell her that I won't be able to join them for Pulau Ketam.
What a shame :-(

Seemingly I've been too relax in my exam revision.
Mostly because most of the notes were already studied in class test preparation.
Well that gives me no reason for not studying hard though,
cause I didn't really give my best during the class tests.
So bad I don't even feel like asking for my class test results.  

Made this, after coming back from the mall.
DIY banana boat *__*
Shall allow a bit sweetness in my life :)

Tweeted part of the My Love by Westlife lyrics:
"An empty street, an empty house, a hole inside my heart,
I'm all alone, rooms are getting smaller"
while coming back from the mall.
Then funny thing SumSum tweeted back:
"I wonder how, I wonder why, I wonder where they are,
the days we had, the song we sang together"
Didn't realize the whole verse suits my day :-P

Though it was just me shock sendiri again for the second part of the verse.

I miss my friends,
a lot.
It's a shame we're apart.
It's a shame I missed another girls' outings again.
It's a shame you don't feel the same like I do.
It's a shame I'm not used to being alone like I did anymore cause I had had you all.

it seems that the lazy bug is leaving now...
Shall go back to fighting mood like during the semester now!
Long list to-do list to be accomplished!

Ciao now!

appreciate life,

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