Why am I so broke

Here goes...
(this is only one of the many reasons :-P)

Cocoa Cappuccino 

First Cocoa Cappuccino and I fall in love with it..
Thus, more to come... 
Can't recall if this was a blunch or a lunch. 
Sunday breakfast, still struggling with assignments and reports. 
With cream this time.

Cookie Crumble Frappuccino

Then the new product comes in...
Had it in 50% discount during Happy Hour for Starbucks card holder.
Didn't reach my expectation though.
Not really fond of the banana muffin as well.

So you reload the Starbucks card and you use it like a debit card...
It was because the internet connection at home was cut off when I needed it the most;
It was because the electricity at home was cut off so I went out from home in the hot weather.

But no more frequent visit to Starbucks!
Self control matters!

appreciate life,











Enjoy every moment

As my last 2 posts described,
Semester 6 was crazy.

While my batchmates were spending the week working on their assignments and thesis,
I had to finish all course works, well of course inclusive the thesis
THREE days earlier then anyone in the batch.

It was all crazy, I barely slept.
The day before my trip to Thailand,
I had only ONE hour sleeping time.

I made it.
Not nicely done though...
Forgot to "turn" my thesis "in",
if you understand me... =/
Though I'm quite confident with the "plagiarism" rate of my composition.
100% originality by CSY ^__<

...above the cloud
Eye lids were heavy,
loving the feeling though.
And we made it to a pharmacy before the flight in the airport.
Bought a stronger pain killer therefore void the pain due to air pressure difference.
I enjoyed my aeroplane meal,
I have to say that Thai Airline was pretty awesome :D
It was "Bangkok Palace Hotel".
Had buffet breakfast for three days straight there,
like the chicken sausage and scramble egg there ^__^
We went to Safari.
No luck watching the "wild" animals cause we were on the tour in bus,
I wasn't sitting at the side seat and I always have car sickness on a ride.

Then this was the most enjoyable part..
Pretty colourful birds!! :DDD
Aren't they adorable? :D
A new friend from the trip was nice enough to loan me some bird feeds he bought,
he even put the feed ON me... my shoulders and arms lah, hahaha~~~
then the birds came....

Towards the end I got the birdy on my right hands,
they didn't wanna leave, that was super cute!!!
I miss them now.
First cowboy show
First dolphin show
Walking on the street in the Bangkok city
A trip on the Chaophraya River
Still remember the peaceful moment when I was praying in the temple.
I was so amazed.
Wish to come back again.
Jason, the leader of the incentive trip from Silverstone
and XiaoYi (aunt), my trip partner
Wat Arun
Pretty, but I'll never buy :-P
Phra Phrom
May I have your blessing?

Today is the second day of my "official" study break.
Yesterday was awesome.
ErGe called for help in the restaurant,
so I stayed in the restaurant till around 1.30pm.

Went for late lunch with ErGe in the Dragon-i Restaurant.
Satisfied my dessert crave with the mixed fruits sago ice.
Additionally I got to eat XiaoLongPao (small steamed bun), yummy yummy~~~

Then I went for facial.
Coincidentally auntie KK was in the house.
I can't thank her enough for her kindness and generousness. 

Today itself isn't too bad.
One lazy morning.
...rolling in the bed
...had a good shower
...had coffee
...had Cintan noodles with egg and choi sum
Finally the relax day I've been wishing for... ;)

appreciate life,

So that's it for Semester 6

Except that we still have tons of work to do,
the due dates await next week.

Week 13

Our very own project,
the "Make Half Your Grains Whole" themed
IMU Nutrition Week 2012
by ND1/09
Tryin' to look good in extra size T-shirt :)
Went to IMU on Monday for the opening ceremony, 
the video prepared was really interesting!
And we thank the lecturers for attending the ceremony even though they were very busy. 
The opening ceremony
I stayed home on Tuesday.
Went out buying materials for the cooking demonstration on Wednesday
and for the MNT lab case mix practical on Friday. 
The hokkien mee I used to love so much when I was a little girl
Then it was all about research too. 
Reading through the SPSS tutorial, cracking my head.
Here comes Wednesday! 
Getting ready for our cooking demonstration!  
QiangQiang! My car was stuffed with equipments and materials!
I didn't go home that night,
staying over at Jen's :D
Dinner with KaiXin and Jen' :D
And Jen' wrote me this.... <3
Waking up in Jen's bed on Thursday morning,
I remember it was a day mostly about research again.
Of course I went to the Nutrition Week activity on that day,
the Grainy's Award was really fun!

Heading home and get ready for the MNT Lab practical on Friday.
Finally I got Chinese diet!
That was the plan, nice? :D 
Taking off from Klang again with my front seat stuffed with all these... 
This was me in year 2 I think?
I feel so different from back then... 
Getting ready for the closing ceremony!
Dr. Megan as the supervisor for group 5,
she gave a speech during the closing ceremony
She commented that the event was a success,
that all other lecturers were surprised too.

A big "YAY" for ND1/09! :D

Then it was our very last practical for MNT Lab before the practical exam in May.
=Pan-fried Dumpling=
I made this! Nice? :D 
=green apple= 
=Milk Tea= 
=Sweet porridge= 
=Longan Tongshui=
I made this too and it's too sweet :-P 
There was not much comment but I enjoyed the session with Ms.Yang,
more learning process,
more fruitful session there.


So the health promotion week activity and MNT Lab practical was over,
I could finally focus on the research data analysis and getting ready for the presentation on Tuesday.

Other than that,
I went out on Saturday night with the gang again.
Overtime, Sunway Pyramid
I told mom it's quite funny the few of us from different towns always get together like this.
I guess that's what we call in Chinese __.
I cherish this :)

Sunday night was a night with the Chua family.
Had some quality time with the cousins.

Week 14 aka Final week

It's Tuesday now,
and for the last two nights,
my total sleeping hour was less than 6 hours.

Oh before going into the results presentation this morning,
SanGe (三哥) gave me a headphone player free of charge...
(I remember it was all "oh my god oh my god" in my head)
I'm lovin' it!
I remember going through some bad time later on Sunday night.
Something happened.
(and I love my brain for erasing it away cause I was really having problem recalling what happened that night, muacks to my brain)
I found myself all calm.
It was only when I feel so touched, so happy that I cried some happy tears :')
I feel so super grateful still for the headphone player for the old mp4 my ErGe (二哥) gave me years ago just broke, even my earphone is spoil. 
Later on, it was that headphone player got me through the two sleepless nights.
Thank you again SanGe :)

So, my week 14 started off that way.
Tough night, then all touched, all loved, all happy...

Then last night I got through this page.  
facebook 's asking why do I wanna de-activate my account
I deactivated my facebook account.
Simple reason,
I need more time for thesis and reports.
For exam preparation too!
Study break is ahead! 

So continue to the research results presentation in the morning just now!
I went to bed around 12am, I think.
Then woke up at 3am to continue the things that must be done for the presentation.
I was the last presenter during the session.

Surprisingly, both Prof. Khor and Ms. Lee were satisfied with my presentation,
oh my I'm so glad!
I shall end this research project with a not-bad-also thesis,
work hard! :D
So that was the 3 major events:
1. Health promotion week -Cooking Demonstration
2. MNT Lab case mix practical to prepare for.
3. Research results presentation.

So glad everything was fine,
and I survived through all...

appreciate life,

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