Semester 6 is very happening

I don't remember...
when was the last time I went to bed without thinking about what I have to finish the next day.
when was the last time I woke up without thinking about all the things I have to do that day.
when was the last time I had a meal without feeling like rushing for something.
when was the last time I could be very free that I'd bring out my guitar and play my piano...

Meeting the President of IMU in Senate Room
Went jogging after being motivated by the Nike commercial
Also in a situation when everyone was very exhausted,
the girls were seeking for a night out. 
Shabu Shi with KaiXin and Jen :)
Had been driving to Seremban for data collection for more than 10 times,
very exhausting experiences. 
Dunkin Donuts breakfast, don't like it :-P
"Minta maaf, saya pelajar buat kajian,
boleh sentuh sikit tak?
Nak ukur sini saja...." 
Trying to be cheerful when doing data collection,
instantly fail when I started to feel tired.
And parents went to a China trip.
Both came home with food poisoning...
Both still feeling sick.
May people around me who are sick can regain their health asap. 
Fries and coffee were my lunch;
burger was my dinner. 
Mask is essential during stress period.
There was a field visit to Yakult factory in Seremban too. 
One bottle of food sample.... only..... haha :-P 
Buying from the factory was only RM3.90 for 5 bottles!
The afternoon of the same day,
there was our MNT Lab3,
I answered a question and got this! :D 
Remember having this in SweePoh's last time during CNY gathering,
it was good! :D
Then today was our very last class test in this semester.
I have to say I didn't really give my best. 
Thank you KerHuei for the sharing! :D
after two meetings and blood donation,
I decided to go to Sunway Pyramid on my way back from Bukit Jalil. 

I kinda purposely dressed up cause I thought I'll be going out with friends at night.
Unfortunately the plan was again, cancelled.
I don't know why the sudden change of attitude,
or is it I think too much. 
Decided to be awesome when I'm emo, hehe
Then I asked myself,
since when am I so desperate in need of company all the time,
I can be as awesome myself! 
Blue is my new colour!
This singlet only cost me RM6 OMGeee! 
Within an hour, I've already bought these... 
Had a Super Ninja 
Could be due to loss of appetite I think,
don't really like pork burger anymore,
the smell kinda disgust me...

Well I believe that one day I'll find someone who'll love me more than I love him.
Maybe then I'll never have the chance to feel lonely anymore,
so I might as well enjoy it for now! :-P

appreciate life,








New Friends

Have been going out with this new bunch of friends lately!
First outing with all the five of us. 
The Geographer IOI Boulevard
We went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday night.
The original plan had to be postponed to next Friday,
so I made another one.. :-P
Sunway Pyramid
That was a shot taken beside the sweets machine.
Apparently they came here last time and got Madison one whole bag of sweets.
Couldn't join them cause I was helping out at the restaurant.

Then this round,
I was the only one who brought hand bag...
This is how the inside of my bag when I empty away my personal stuffs...
Little blue dolphin
swimming in a kolam of candies :3
Wonder could I ever finished this bag of candies,
please come to my house and play tricks-or-treats this coming Halloween alright? xD

As for my semester 6,
research data collection period was supposed to be over yesterday too.
But I've only got 24 subjects so far,
still 6 subjects away from the target. 
There'll be more trips to Seremban next week,
keep crossing the border between Selangor and Negeri Sembilan,
tiring at first, now I'm kinda used to it.

So next week is the week10 already:
Week 10 
Current Issues in Nutrition Group Presentation
Food Safety Class Test
Week 11 
Nutrition in Exercise and Sports Class Test
MNT Lab Case Mix Food Order List Submission Date
Week 12
Current Issues in Nutrition Group Assignment Submission Date
Controversies in Nutrition Debate
Week 13
Health Promotion Week
MNT Lab Case Mix
Week 14
Research Results Presentation
The following week
MNT Lab Case Mix Report Submission Date
Submission of Thesis
Well, this is my crazy semester 6.

Anyway, there's one more outing coming up this Friday!
At least something to look forward to during the weekend :D

I can do it!

appreciate life,

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