Pretty much fully occupied

Life has been revolving around
Food Safety practical lab sessions,
in which we'll deal with microbes and stuff.
Then data collection in Seremban for my research project.

Never thought I'll become this familiarized with microscope
Inoculation of sample 
E. coli on EMB agar 
 Oh and assignment... 
First submitted assignment this semester 
And don't forget my awesome outings with my girls...
Bolognese Spaghetti @Indulge, Kuchai Lama 
My afternoon tea @Secret Recipe, Bukit Tinggi 
I was sick.
In fact, I'm still not fully recovered yet...
Lots more paracetamol, thank you doctor... =.= 
I finally got outside from the country!
I went to Singapore!
Thanks dad for the cash,
thanks mom for the Singapore dollar :D 
This is my airshow ticket, $21 
On the way to the venue 

They had this too, wonder what does that has to do with aeroplane, haha 
The engine of an aeroplane 
Singapore Airline 
The guys, pilots gonna-be,
good luck with the test in April guys!
We went to mall,
can't recall the name with my drunk body right now... 
Can't remember how much was it as well..
well, this was my lunch in Singapore
On our way back,
we stopped by JB and Malacca as well.

The next day I went to Uncle R's with Jen and KaiXin. 
Had my favorite mushroom soup :D 
Free ice cream dessert from uncle,
thank you :)
There was a bad jam when I was driving back from Bukit Jalil to Klang. 
Construction in the middle of the road at around 8-9pm, really..
Made three visits to Seremban the week that had just passed 
I was already exhausted during the third visit,
just gotta keep it up.

More practical lab session...
More about E. coli...
Indole Test -positive test 
Citrate Utilization Test -negative test

On Thursday I went to Fusion Heaven with KaiXin. 
My set lunch, only cost me RM9.90 nett,
so super worth it!!! 
KaiXin bought me egg tarts for my afternoon tea,
thank you dear ^__^

Recently got these from PeiJia and Pauline,
arigato neh :)
So there was no lecture
and I didn't go for data collection yesterday.
I went to Starbucks in the afternoon
after knowing that Starbucks now has these... 
Whoopie Pies!! :D
I was really feeling whoopie trying the Charcoal Whoopie Pie :D 
Successfully finished studying two notes in the cafe,
shall continue real soon! 
My to-do list
Last Friday night was great,
I finished half of my to-do list
and had fun hanging out with the "Malacca" boys.
Finally get to meet Eric and Isaac's friend, JunYou too.

We watched a Singaporean movie shoot in Malacca,
we didn't intend to choose that movie,
didn't know that it was shoot in Malacca too.
The boys from MFA as well as Madison can recognize the places in the movie.
Even I can recognize Jonker Street,
the old streets and the red lights, etc.

Then we went to Geographer.
Didn't really had my dinner yesterday.
(What had happened to my diet, 
no proper lunch, no proper dinner,
*slap face* OI future dietitian what are you doing to yourself?!)
Got lots of calories from drinking.
Worth the drinking though, 
at least it's Heineken.

Then I was drunk.
Er... I'm still drunk, physically.
Finally understand what big bro said about being fully conscious about the surrounding even though you're physically drunk.
Yes, only physically drunk.
I'm mentally conscious enough to make sure I didn't just fell asleep.
It sucks, having no control over your own body.
Well that's the first use of alcohol right?
As an anesthetic.

Didn't get any rashes though this time.
Starting to accept alcohol eh my body?

I fell asleep around 4am,
surprisingly woke up at around 8.30am.
Still feeling drunk, still feeling the alcohol affecting my body.
Alcohol sucks when it's this much.

Well I have to say it was special occasion.
Would never intend to drink that much under normal circumstances.
Normally my friends won't allow me too.

Dear friends of worthy,
I'll stop hurting myself like this.
I promise this will come to an end and I'll move on.
After all, I have nothing more to lose but more to gain!
Let's get some more serious jobs done today! Alright!

appreciate life,
appreciate self,
I know I worth better,

Lost then found

Today is a joyful day!
I lost my pendrive.
... I found my pendrive!

I can't find the car registration.
... I found it later then!

I'm so happy,
so very happy despite all the stress on me right now!

I am really grateful right now.
Very grateful with everything I have,
all the people who loves me,
all the people who cares about me,
all the people who pays effort for me...

The day before Valentine's day,
I bought these for my girls :)
Air freshener for KaiXin and Jen,
cookies for WengYan 
My confident look! ;) 
Taken 14/2/2012 <3 ->
On 14/2/2012 itself,
got this from KaiXin <3
不舍得吃 ;3
Then today,
I went to Seremban alone.
Long drive, 45 minutes driving I started to feel sleepy already!

Didn't catch lots of subjects but that was the first three.
Bought a drink before I left,
don't wanna fall asleep on the road. 
meySu from Turkey,
sold by a hot guy there xD 
On my way to Bukit Jalil for lab session in the afternoon 
Upon arrival.

It was a day full of ups and downs.

I love my friends and family,
despite all the pain I have to endure,
I'm happy,
cause I'm grateful...

cause I'm lucky,



那天为了准备MNT Lab的第一次下厨而在家里pre-test了。
Chapati with Fish Tikka
还有去了几次Seremban做Data collection。 
Pelajar Latihan Industri
6 Aces and 1 Joker
Japanese Mochi
Like a picnic, don't you think so? =) 
Such a pretty place to bbq :D


后来跟妈妈去了发廊。 curling

Scene outside the restaurant
今天跟Jen和凯欣去了Sunway Pyramid。 
RM25 /ticket
“Oh my god...”
看了“War Horse”,


Seaweed Fried Rice 
this is GOOD!
Simple Life的餐点真的很棒!


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