Big nail on the tire

I'm supposed to be in a lecture in 10 minutes.
Found out the front tire at driver side to be flat at 7am,
woke dad up and it was changed to spare tire.
Feel too insecure to drive it on the highway 
so I've decided to wait until it's serviced only then I'll hit the road to BJ again.

Last Saturday I went to karaoke with the Dandelions.
Then hang around in the mall to kill time before the guys' gym time.
Back then in 2009
Now :)
It was really funny, the whole machine was like experiencing earthquake, 
keep shaking when the guys were playing.

It was fun time.
Just like back then.
You'll finally understand the phrase "friendship is golden" 
when friendship lasts this long, feels so right.

Later at night, I went to Starbucks to redeem my free beverage.
I got it from buying a tumblr.
My first Java Chip
Then it was when I first playing poker this CNY!
only during 6th day of CNY.
It's different because I used to play poker days BEFORE CNY.
Photo edited by Suzsenz
Also first drunk this year.
Though was still reluctant to sleep that night.

That was my CNY.
It's time for the ND109s to go back to our busy life.

It's gotta be GOOD life ;)

appreciate life,

Hello again, Hin Hua-ians

So the CNY celebration continued... 
Lion Dance by Hin Hua-ians at Uncle's
I've met SieHeok, YeeWen and PohJin! 
from left: SieHeok, me and YeeWen
Then host a gathering of high school classmates in SweePoh's place! 
Thanks so much to my bro, LiWen, SweePoh and PohYin 
for helping in preparing the party.
It was awesome
and in the end most of us refused to leave
though we're already worn out.
Staircase photo
like we used to have 2 years ago
also in SweePoh's place
but the old house
The ice cream tasted so much tastier
because we had it together
*also because we added honey cornflakes :-P
I went working at a rich man's mansion with my cousin
at the 4th day of Chinese New Year.
Earned some money, 
got a big angpao from the owner.

So ya,
I've been back to reality since yesterday.
Had a little progress on everything:
MNT Lab 1
Current Issues in N&D Assignment
Each of these takes time.
Each of these is very important.

So ya,
reality hits me right on my face

and I'll hit it back.

My Dragon CNY

This was my look while coming back from Genting.
Unintentionally brought my earphone, music time!
back to the Chinese New Year Eve! 
Me in my first CheongSam ever! 
Pink isn't really my colour though my friends said this one suits me.
Put on some make up then off we go to Grand Garden for our reunion dinner! 
LouSang LouSang!!!
On the first day of Chinese New Year,
we had our first meal in My Vegetarian.
Then we went to Genting. 
Nice big room we had :D
And I'm so delightful to see these... 
New year cookies!
Mom didn't really bought a lot of CNY cookies
which is a part of CNY.
I jumped joyfully around the room when I first arrived, 
then immediately had a few of the cookies,
yum yum~
Later we went to the casino,
gamble a little,
had the free meal in the buffet restaurant inside.
Brownies @Famous Amos
Having a brownies from Famous Amos has became one of my must-do in Genting.
I was having soar throat but I don't care,
just gonna drink lots of water afterwards.

Another must-do,
is this: 
To have lots of shots in the hotel room :-P  

Dinner in the Casino again...
Yummy desserts 
Soup with fake shark fin :D
don't eat the real thing okay? ;)
Then I went walk around in First World Plaza.
And I finally got to meet him! 
The little boy must had thought that this uncle was really weird.
One more must-do in Genting!
Visit the Choco World!
Though I usually only admire all the beautiful tasty chocolate,
never spent a penny there.

Here goes some scenes in the plaza. 
People mountain people sea xD
Who doesn't like Mary-Go-Round?
The "Genting tower"
Along the river
The lights and the flowers
More flowers and lights
Do you know that they had renovated that there's no more Starbucks in First World?
I didn't know!
I think it has changed into the buffet for Starworld Casino.

I was gonna buy mashed potato with popcorn chicken in KFC but guess what's on the notice board. 
No Popcorn Chicken...
Why oh why?
I only wanna eat popcorn chicken once in a blue moon.
Childhood favorite
Then I took chicken nuggets instead.
They no longer have the 4-piece one on the menu.
Though it was quite nice having a KFC meal my old fashioned way,
my childhood way,
dipping the nuggets with the sauce of mashed potato.
Except I used to take large mashed potato instead of the regular one.

Another childhood favorite is this,  
My favorite ride!
Though I never told anyone.
Wish I were a kid again, so that I can fit in that little car, teehee~

I bought a scarf since I forgot my jacket.
Deco @Highlands Hotel 
It was 18.5 degree celcius. 
We're only staying for one night.
The next day, which is today,
I had my breakfast in Starbucks at the hotel lobby. 
Toasted sandwich and Americano 
This store is still using the old logo,
not much difference though, don't you think so?
That's it for my CNY Genting Trip.
Spending most of the time napping, sleeping, alone, etc.

Now I'm done with hair mask and facial mask,
it's time to change and rock this Chinese New Year again!

wishing you a very happy CNY ;)







CNY 2011 Year of Rabbit




The week before CNY

This is my one and only CNY card this year! 
Thank you Ing Ming and Shirlene!! <3
I tried the new Valencia Mocchiato from Starbucks last Tuesday! 
The main purpose of the trip to JJ that day was actually to reload my Starbucks card
so that I can redeem this!!
Starbucks 2012 planner
 I also went walking around in the mall.
CNY is around the corner now!
Though it's quite lame that they only modified the deco from Christmas. 
It was enjoyable ^__^
The stage 

Our batch was scheduled to redeem our book voucher from the government last Wednesday. 
RM200 book voucher for all local u Malaysian students!
We are so delightful about this
because we can really use this voucher for recipe books in preparation for MNT lab!

The next day,
we had our happy happy reunion photoshoot!!!

We had our ND109 reunion dinner on that day as well! 
Great memory in YUEN buffet steamboat.

I slept over at Jennifer's.
After some pillow talks, we swam the next morning and went to Subway for breakfast.
RM6.30 only, so worth it!
Jen' dear :)
In the night,
I had dinner with the Tee's.
I went out for a walk after stuffing my stomach until so I'm so full.
 The restaurant was just beside Overtime.
It was quite nice listening to the singers' singing.
it kicked start my CNY break.

I spent my first day of the break mostly on the bed.
Has been feeling quite sick.
On Saturday,
I went out with bro,
ate my favorite XiaoLongPao and watched Viral Factor.

I'm still feeling uncomfortable till now.
Not as intense but quite bothering.

This is it,
the 450th blog post!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!
Have a great one!!!

appreciate life,

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