Kota Tinggi with Jen'

It was almost like a replay of my Thailand trip.
I'd been working since study break started, rest a few days during the EOS exam, then started another job.
Hence, I was really exhausted already when the last job finally ended at 23rd.

After an enjoyable after-work-supper with colleagues, the very next morning, I was on my way down South.

Dad sent me to the nearest KTM so that I can go to the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) to take a bus. I arrived there at around 11.30am only to realize there's no bus at that time. I bought a ticket for 1.30pm bus. 
It was a long trip, I was a little nervous as it was the first time I left home in a bus to far far away land. At about 5.30pm, I arrived at Kota Tinggi bus station, welcomed by Jen' and her mother.

I first met the Gan family in a place called 大众餐馆,
with a delicious meal.
Jen's mother was really enthusiastic. My food plate was never empty while she kept filling it up with all dishes before I can finished them. 
Tadpole Café @Kota Tinggi
We went back to Jen's home after the meal. Later then, I was brought to this beautiful café.  
I ordered a Mulberry Oreo, it was really good!
That's me and Vivien, Jen's youngest sister.
That very much all about the first night in Kota Tinggi.
I'm very STUFFED, like a stuffed turkey. :-P

We woke up kinda late the first morning in Kota Tinggi.
Jen's mom drove us (me, Jen', and both of her sisters) down to AEON Tebrau City.

MaPo Tofu rice set @Zen Taiwanese Restaurant
We had our blunch at the Zen Taiwanese Restaurant.
I'm loving the variety of food available in AEON Tebrau City, it's so much more a shopping paradise as compared to AEON Bukit Tinggi in my opinion.

Jen' and me ;)
Jen bought me egg tart and Christmas present, thank you my dear. :)
Christmas deco @AEON Tebrau City 
Us in Christmas ball... 
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...
After some fun time shopping in the mall, we head back with all the ingredients we need for our Christmas dinner at home. 
Us in red ;) 
Corn salad, Joy To YouLove Me Tender and spaghetti bolognese 
Look inviting, isn't it? 

Third day in Kota Tinggi, we paid a visit to the famous Kota Tinggi Bah Kut Teh stall.
It's very different from Klang Bah Kut Teh,
as well as the fact that they eat with chopsticks.
At noon, we went to the Heritage Mall, we had lunch and watched the CZ12 by Jackie Chan.
It's indeed a very good movie! Totally worth watching and must not be missed!
Salute to Jackie Chan! 
Roti and porridge
We finished the movie and went home happily to Jen's mom's home cook meal.
It was very mouth-watering!
How inviting is that!
Chicken, vegetables, tofu, fish and eggs!
Not to forget the homemade chili paste, very yummy!
I'll give it a 9.99 out of 10, well nothing is perfect right?
Totally not overrated. 

For supper, here comes the famous dessert stall! 
@Your Dessert Library
This my 榴莲忘返 >.<
yumyum durian dessert!
Before sending me off, we went to have Mee Rebus.
Fried chicken and Mee Rebus
It was indeed very tasty, especially with the classic accompaniment of lime as well as a poached egg.

I feel like I'm writing a food blog.
In fact, I was eating all the time when I was in Kota Tinggi, all the good food!

Kota Tinggi may seem to be a small town, not very well known.
There are nice people, most importantly good food!
I was so missing the Gan family when I left the town.

Besides thanking the very generous Gan family, including uncle, auntie, Jen', Angeline and Vivien;
it was daddy who fetched me back and forth.
Thank you daddy... :3

appreciate life and enjoy travelling,

Thank You

You're there right when I need some comfort;
You're there right when I need a shoulder to rest one,
a virtual one though (LOL);

You remind me of who I am,
who I truly am,
what I truly need.

With you,
it's okay I'm all myself,
the original weak me,
the original crier me,
the original emo me.

I don't have to mask.

Thanks for reminding me
that I'm the Cherished One.

appreciate my dearest bro,


每次semester break就会有回到纯华语世界的感觉,

Christmas @ AEON Bukit Tinggi

你看了印度人了吗?呵呵~ ^____^
华人给称赞的话的时候真吝啬 -.-



for common sports injury


@ Passion Bar & Restaurant, BBT One

STAR Education Fair、哥哥的店、在AEON BT的工之后,就是下柔佛找Jen'去了。:)


A beautiful day this December

I would 2012 has been tough and difficult.
Lots of ups and downs,
I lost weight,
I gained weight (tsk tsk..)...

Tiny bit of beauty
AhMA, Blanket Bear and Pilot Bear
Baking during semester break is essential!
I decide to do somemore for our friendship...

想跟你说… 我们哪,缘起不灭 ;)


So this morning I drove all the way to Bukit Jalil and picked Jen up!
Levain Boulangerie Patisserie is only about 20 minutes away from IMU.
The google map isn't as smart as human, obviously. We went through a congested way, which I recall isn't the same way my friend used to go to Pavillion, which the way will pass by Jalan Bukit Bintang or the Prince Court Medical Centre as well.
We arrived in about 25 minutes or half an hour time. It was still early and there were plenty of parking space.
We ordered this much!
This ham and cheese bun was the best!
Creamy mushroom and chicken soup,
really creamy and rich!
My cappuccino 
So glad we're finally here!
Jen ;)
After the meeting, I went out lunch with beloved WengYan,
I was still feeling very bloated from the blunch I didn't order any food.
Had a long chat, enjoyed my Longan Milk...
A beautiful afternoon with you.... =)


Here's the Christmas at my nearby mall!

¯¯It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... ¯¯


appreciate life,

Can't wait though reluctant

to end my Semester 7.
Can't believe it's our final year already.
Sincerely can't wait to leave school and throw myself to the real world.
CangCang! My new sunglasses bought in Alamanda!
Just like previous placement, there've been ups and downs in Putrajaya.
Other than being used to this nomadic life,
I've learnt to enjoy life alone more, as well as getting along with Malay,
which I was less exposed to before Semester 7.

Nevertheless, my Malay speaking is still very bad. 

Parents have been gone for trip. 
Even though I'm on a tight budget,
I save money from eating only in the Besta kitchen for some entertainment during free time. 
Starting to like GSC's caramel popcorn,
more affordable and suitable for me too,
small popcorn RM4.30,
the portion is just nice. 
Went window shopping too.
I've been looking for this kind of dress,
haven't found one that really suit me though. 
Thought of having a all-vegetable meal,
failed cause the Ayam Bakar Tipu-tipu Sos Cili is just too nice!
We went to Alamanda for the second time last week.
Went to TGI Friday again, redeemed our free Sizzling Cheese Chicken from giving feedback online. 
Really like this salad, the chicken is nice and tender,
the salad is fresh with nice sweet and sour dressing 
These potato skin didn't impress me much. 
This is the free dish, like the mashed potato and cheesy sauce a lot!

We've done the production and menu planning assignment,
there are three more major assignments for the last three weeks.
Together we make wonder,
jiayou to us!

appreciate life,

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