Christmas 2011

Christmas eve 2011 @Passion Restaurant and Bar

I had my Christmas eve celebrated with work in the day 
and counting down with friends in the night. 
Spot the little presents I prepared for exchange (teehee..)
Thanks to Eric for helping me preparing 
while I've been far too exhausted to do shopping and having no time to wrap a presents.

So what did I got from the present exchanges?
1. Dandelion Christmas Party
Towel Bear
2.Christmas Eve Party
Red wine
Both presents weren't wrapped,
didn't get to be curious about what did I get,
didn't get to open a presents with excitement.
Though both are great presents,
will not wish for something decorative :-P

I was super hungry after work,
I ordered my food when I first arrived at around 11pm
while others had already been there since dinner time.

After the count down,
it was alcohol drinking games.
Had a few cocktails of beer, wine and other alcohols.
I got myself drunk after opening the red wine I got from the gift exchange.
I usually get sleepy when I'm drunk,
so when others was having fun doing crazy funny stuffs,
I was just sitting there, watching, enjoying being drunk.

Merry Christmas again. 

appreciate life,




一天老板打包Nasi Lemak请我吃,却没有给我免洗汤匙。
就用筷子来吃Nasi Lemak。
 其中一餐吃了很喜欢的Kuh Talam! 



At the end of the year 2011

I packed my Christmas tree and people Christmas cookies with Nutella brownies together into a gift pack.
Christmas present for my aunt family

Bought this little pot of Lemon Basil from Cold Storage in Mid Valley the other day.
Smell great!
This is my first pot of fresh herbs!
Found this red dragonfly while I was gardening!
《红蜻蜓》(Red Dragonfly) was a very popular song among the children back then when I was in primary school but I had never seen a real one till now, when I'm all grown up already!

Lately, I started another part time job.
I'm promoting perfumes in a mall nearby the neighbourhood. 
My late lunch on my first day of work!
McD had not been tasted so good since it is easily available.

So my last 2 weeks of semester break will be spent working throughout 
except for the Christmas day when I'll be replaced for work.
The plan is to go to Passion bar to meet friend after work on Christmas eve.
However I'm not sure if I'm gonna make it for the countdown,
not sure whether the mall will be opening for business till midnight.
Then I'll be counting down with the people in the mall instead.

Nevertheless, I had already celebrated with friends beforehand.
This is another memorable semester break.

appreciate life,

Christmas at Mid Valley

12/12 was a public holiday in Selangor.
I drove mom, aunt, older cousin and a niece to Mid Valley.
Mid Valley, 
so far the third mall with Christmas deco I visited.
Mom :)
Mom and aunt ^__^
We had afternoon tea at Canton-i.
Similar concept as Dragon-i.
They have awesomely tasty wantan noodles.
We ordered this interesting drink which the flower will slowly bloom in hot water.
We managed to get home at 7pm.
There was Chua family dinner to celebrate grandma's birthday in advance.
Dad got his cake too, cause 12/12 is his birthday!
Dad and grandma <3

appreciate life,

Lots of fun

Siapa lelaki? Siapa perempuan??
I fail as a female...

It was Dandelion's Christmas party on 10th of December 2011!
Me, Yi-San and Andrian,
we prepared these! 
From left:
I forgot to count! 
But we prepared more than 25 pieces of each dish!

It's party time!!

The christmas party was a great one!
We had lots of food and lots of fun!
Prawn cocktails, fried chicken, sushi, sandwiches, fruit tarts, cookies, cakes, salmon, ....
Most importantly, roasted turkey!

Later then we exchanged christmas presents.
Mine was a new Starbucks card with a small tin of wafer.
Then I got a blanket bear with a Snickers in it.
Though the Snickers ended up in those kids' stomachs. LOL

Hope everyone has great Christmas celebration.
I'm gonna have my Christmas eve and Christmas time working,
but at night, count down with my friends! 


have yourself a merry little Christmas,

December is Christmas time

Into the oven!
Time to decorate the cookies! :D
Which is your favorite design?
For the recipe of butter cookies, please click here.

Did I mention I also love wrapping gifts?

By 8/12/2011:

Thank you for reading ;)

appreciate life,

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