Goodbye November 2011

The other day, 
I went to Kota Damansara for an interview.
Though I end up not taking the job,
it was worth the trip there. 
I redeemed my free Grande beverage while window shopping at the Dataran Sunway.
First time trying the Frappuccino!

Days ago, 
I wrote bro a letter for his birthday.
Yesterday he told me from facebook that he received it already! 
Hope he gets well soon ;)

Also last weekend,
I finished the Wernli promoter job. 
Awesome colleagues from work.
From left, Cherri from Haagen Daaz, WeiTeng from Nectaflor and at the right was Jamie from Nescafe. 
You're looking at the drawers of my booth now.
Nescafe with the Mini Choco Petit Beurro Au Lait, it was just awesome!
I also had the cranberry juice from the auntie selling it.
Then bottom picture, Haagen Daaz ice cream!
That was my first time tasting Haagen Daaz :D
Reminds me of my wish to go to Haagen Daaz for a treat for my 21st birthday.

Christmas is around the corner.
I finished wrapping four presents already! :D
Happy Holiday! 

appreciate life,

Forward is where I wanna go

I have achieved my goal.
Though it doesn't feel right,
it's not enough.

This is the kind of day I'd forget to put down the hand break.

I read my results slip,
the next second I'm thinking to myself:
I NEED to work HARDER.

The CGPA was the same as last semester.
I'm still borderline second upper.

It's usually harder when the semester progress.
I must hold on to second upper,
I must hold on.

I was able to get all B and above grades in semester 4 
while I can't even manage a B- for Environmental Issues and Nutrition module?
What was I thinking when I wasn't studying before the exam?
What kind of attitude I had?
What kind of attitude I always have?

Food Service Management and MNT were tough.
With the presentation for FSM and the missed class test for MNT,
B- is fine.

I hasn't been working hard enough.
It's just never enough.
I had delusion of moving backward when I'm consciously aware that I'm stepping on the brake of the car.
I even double checked it!
I don't wanna move backward!!!

appreciate life,

Food connects people

I had finally done something I have always wanna to do today.
I decided to go simple, start simple.
Chicken chop it is, everyone likes chicken chop.

Menu of the night 

Chicken chop
 with mushroom sauce
though in the end,
I made some black pepper sauce too.
The chicken didn't turn out very nicely in the end when I used up the last bit of the bread crumb and reheat the chicken at 9.30pm.
Another thing, one particular brand of mushroom soup doesn't blend in well with the chicken.

The spicy potato wedges was a failure because the spices I used didn't turn out okay.
Lesson of the day was to not mess with different spices if you don't know them well.
I made the salad
just some butterhead lettuce with thousand island,
just to lighten the meal a little.

Mini apple pies
Bought some ready-to-use dough from the market,
the whole wheat dough was quite nice,
the apple pies was nice and crispy
with the aromatic cinnamon apple filling that was nicely caramelized.

Orange ice cubes soda
This simple beverage was very much appreciated!
With my effort to prepare the ice cubes in the morning to allow them to set and ready for the night.

I gotta say,
I practically lived a housewife's life yesterday.
I did lotsss of laundry, cleaned stuffs and prepared foods.
It was tiring because I had been preparing the meals throughout the day.
The pre-preparation, marinating chicken, baking the desserts,
and the amount of dishes I'd done.
Thanks to the anti-allergy medication and cream, my fingers are still okay.
Then the last touch-up of each plates were done several batches.
First in late afternoon, I prepared one for myself, tasting purpose, knowing the fact that I won't be able to really sit down and eat later.
Then at 6pm, for Sange (third brother);
7pm plus for Erge (second brother);
9-9.30pm for XiaoYi (aunt), little cousin and Dage (eldest brother).

Though things weren't smooth,
it's the satisfying, happy faces of the loved ones 
that tells you "it's tasty" 
that's worth all the love of the world.

Most importantly,
I can sit together with my loved ones on the table.
Enjoy the moment, small talk, ...

The is the second time I prepare a western meal of at least 3 courses.
1st time was last Christmas,
prepared for dearest bro LiWen during the Christmas eve 2010.
Looking forward to the 3rd one ;)

appreciate life,

Cooking for the loved ones

I've got some guests of honour coming tonight.

Menu of the night

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce
Spicy Potato Wedges
Fresh Salad
Mini Apple Pies
Orange Ice cubes Soda

(to be continued...)

appreciate life,



而上一篇是在Study Break期间写的。


喝了我的第一被贡茶 :D

My team ;)

appreciate life,

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