Back then in the year 2009...
Taurus for the tough girl,
No gain for the weak!
No pain no gain...
Go Taurus!! Mighty and Tough!!!
Glory glory mighty Taurus, No you can't bring us down!!!

I still remember that the last part was pretty messy,
cause it was only settled last minute.
It was crucial if we were familiarized with the music.

Though, I'll forever remember... no, people forever remember that
first year Taurus cheerleaders played with flag!!!
And the marching in part...

6 minutes was really long!!!

2011, yesterday night...

This time, 2 minutes 30 seconds,
just enough to squeeze in and show people what we have!!!

We cheer and we lead,
we move in lightning speed.
Hate us cause we're beautiful
but we don't like you either.

We're cheerleaders,
We Are Cheerleaders,
Go Taurus!!

Say it with me!
T-A-U-R-U-S, Taurus fans say go!! (GO)
T-A-U-R-U-S, Taurus fans say fight!! (FIGHT)
T-A-U-R-U-S, Taurus fans say win!! (WIN)
Taurus fans say go fight win, GO FIGHT WIN!!!

So thankful to all those Taurus fans who helped us out in cheer, awesome people!!

I'm so suffering from "Cheer withdrawal" right now.
I tear when I finished the video.
Am so missing the moments right now.

This could be the best part of my life in IMU.
So lovin' you all, STUPID!!! xD

p/s: don't get us wrong, in Taurus Cheer Leading 2011, stupid means love.

You know what,
what I learn in cheerleading is that
Friendship Last Forever...


appreciate life,

Best time of my life

I've been thinking
that this could be the best time of my life.

I have no time constraint.
I'm not children, 
I decide when I wanna go home.
I don't have children,
I don't need to go home to them.

I go anywhere I wanna go.
One good thing about being a grown up,
I plan then I go.
Or sometimes, I go whenever I feel like it.

These could be the years when I'm most financially flexible.
I got my monthly allowance from my parents.
I earn my extra pocket money during semester break 
and enjoy it throughout the following months.

Last but not least,
I'm free to talk to, play with, enjoy the moment with just about anyone!
Being single, I'm free to hug anyone, flirt to anyone! 
(Not that I do :-P)
Appreciate all guys who rejected me in the past,
still feel so crazy and stupid.
that's part of the process of self-exploration.
In the end I find my way to love myself right :)

Though the best part is having everyone in my life.
Parents are with me,
siblings not getting married yet,
I see my friends everyday
while meeting new friends sometimes!

What I need to do is just
follow my heart 
and be where it leads me...

appreciate life,

Food, Friends and Laughter

Spicy Chicken McDeluxe!!!
I haven't had my McD meal for a long long time already!
Though I can't finish it, left half fries and half burger for breakfast the next morning.
That way I consume only half the calories :D

Then I went to Dragon-i alone yesterday noon,
just for the XiaoLongPao!
Still missing the taste till now, nomnomnom, so tasty!! :D

I bought a Groupon,
then me and PeiJia went to Uncle R's to use it.
The mixed grilled plate was large!
We're both so full!
The charcoal barbeque is awesome as usual :D

Yesterday night was FUN.
Rick, PohYin, Eric and I, we went out yumcha after so long.
I set Station One as my default for outing with SY friends for now.
Yestea as the default beverage, haha~~ The real yumcha (drink tea)!!

Why is it so romantic that we yumcha under candle light?
The electricity was suddenly off!!!
We played some poker in the end but it was too hot to stay!

Since there's no electricity,
we went to my car to take some photos.
Fun shoot!!! :D

It was one great night,
full of laughter and memories :)

appreciate life,

Awesome Nights

Tonight, I date myself to a movie.
Though there's no Westlife concert for me,
I had Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English Reborn with his wonderful acting.
The date ended with "Flying Without Wing" by Westlife in Red fm,
an old time favorite.
The lyrics of the song could be one of the longest memories I have.

Earlier today...
I was scratching my head hard just for this.
The Business Plan, one last assignment to mark the end of Semester 5! 
Drove all the way to Bukit Jalil just to drop it into the box!

Oh and I had lunch with the whole family except only Er Ge.
Mom and dad always get together during lunch time,
San Ge was there because he is a salesman and salesmen are not restricted.
Da Ge was there too because he was looking after the restaurant.
Er Ge works in Banting so it's quite impossible to see him during lunch.
(Da Ge=大哥,Er Ge=二哥,San Ge=三哥)

We tried out the new item in the menu!
Vegetarian fish!
It was nice! It is not like any other vegetarian fish I tasted before!

Hm yupe, talking about awesome nights, 
it's not just tonight,
it includes...
Nights with Jennifer <3
She accompanied me so many times for dinner when I stayed back in IMU.
Thank her for the lovely brownies from TongKee :)

And why I stayed back in IMU so many times?
This another part of the awesome nights: 

Westlife concert will soon end by now.
Hope that there'll be concert DVD, I'll definitely buy one!

Hm.... Shall watch the one I have tomorrow night :3

appreciate life,


And so September, the craziest month of the year, of the semester has gone.
The accomplishment of all of us from ND1/09:
MNT Long Case Study
FSM II Fieldwork, from the the two days visits, till presentation and the report.
Research proposal, from individual presentation, JC defense till the end submission.
Enterprise Management class test, which is sort of EOS exam.

My research proposal finally!!
28 sheets of paper @__@"
It's so thick that I have to use the big staple.
Revising in the library before the Enterprise Management class test,
I think I score okay after listening to the feedback session ^__^v

Quite a torture but we got through it,
and I'm sure that will be the most fruitful month of all.

I have to say, the old me usually took all these as very good reason to neglect the social life and other activities but not in this month.

Went to Steven's Corner with the Taurusian Cheerleaders!
Though I do not enjoy driving so late in the night also staying up so late.
And having my dad calling me to rush me home, feel quite bad actually.

Went out for lunch with Janet :D
Oh I love fish, never gonna get tired of fish fillets :D
We shared one set of meal in Friday, then topped up the order with some desserts ^__^v

Unlike many other people, I have great appetite when I'm sick :P
Went to Shabu-Shabu in Sri Petaling with WengYan, LiJiun, Jennifer and Catherine yesterday in the afternoon, which was after the class test.
I ordered the SetA, spent RM11 and I love it!!! :D

My swimming bag is still in the car.
Had to miss the swimming training session yesterday because I was too sick!! :-(
Though, I'm okay now.
Went from 38.9°C till 36.7°C now, what a relief!
At least I can attend the cheer practice tomorrow! :)

After all these,
Semester 5 doesn't end so soon.
The next week is the week 14,
we still have the business plan presentation and report of 5000 words to be done,
also the Nutrition Counselling practical test!

JiaYou JiaYou!!!

appreciate life,

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