Jones, Fook Zhen, Andrew, Chi Hau, Polly, Sze Min, Ti Fanny, Yee Jin, Me, Thoonglyn, Chua :)

appreciate life,

Lovin' My Activities

First of all, I went to Raja Muda Forest Reserve for tree planting!
This is my first tree planting and it was great! 
The nursery, we carried the little trees with the cart there 
and went on the site where we planted the trees.
We were told that, this area of the forest reserve was used for agriculture illegally.
Since this is a peat swamp, it is not suitable for agriculture.
The plantation won't be able to absorb the nutrients from the swamp soil. 
Moreover, the soil has high organic content and is highly flammable.
A fire went off during dry season in this area in the end.
The best thing about joining new activities is that
I made more friend from outside N&D! :D
It feels great because we're mostly passionate about the mother earth :)

Then it was yesterday.
After the Food Service Management Field Visit Presentation,
I was all worn out.
I had 4 hours of free time before the cheer practice 
and was lucky enough to have PeiJia accompanying me for dinner :)
Mushroom soup :3 
Uncle R's mushroom soup was really good!
Poor PeiJia, she was feeling not well too.
Semester 5 is quite tough!!

It was our first time of using the Skill Centre in the past two and a half year!
We went for Nutrition Counselling lab session.
We counselled a stimulated patient and the process was recorded.
Most probably, we'll be able to see ourselves in video later in the evening.
Well, I'll check it out tomorrow as it is online available in the ND lab.
Bring along my last year birthday present from XiaoYi and Yi-San they all,
my "presentable" pen, hahaha~~~ 
Me and WengYan :)
Do I look smart or not??? xD

Am looking forward to next week's session, will do better then! :D

appreciate life,

More to Come!

The other corner of the neighborhood is ready to be lived in!
Green oh green~~
I wanna live in a house like this in the future! :D
The Mid-Autumn Festival is over. 
and I celebrated it with my research proposal presentation preparation... 
A double-egg-yolk mooncake, hohoho~~~
ErGe (second brother) brought back one,  yumyum~~ :3
Then the next day, finally the presentation is over....
I wore shirt with tie and skirts.
Just like I was in high school, 
I kinda miss my white shirt, white skirt and blue/brown/red/green tie :D 
The other day, went to Sunway with a friend for Snowflake!
Tried the soya milk one this time :D

Me and my group mates for the Food Service Management module field visit to Hospital Pantai, Bangsar KL was in the Collaborative Study Area (CSA) the whole day until we met our supervisor, Ms.Ng!!!
Luckily hard work pays :D
Thank you SanSan, WenNi, LeeCheng and especially Jones,
I know I made you work on the most tedious part but I trust you mah.... haha!!!

Though it's not done, I'd say we finished 80% in one day time of that whole big presentation...
Still need to work on it.
In fact, I worked a little on it yesterday night and ended up went to bed only at 2am @@

Then it is followed by the business plan,
Nutrition Counselling lab 4A and lab 5A,
and the Enterprise Management class test is coming up too.
Not to forget we need to pass up our Nutrition Education tool, the pamphlet next Wednesday.

What's more, the Cheer Leading Competition is in a month time!!!
More practices coming on.
Let's work things out, Richelle, Chua and Chi Hau!!! :D

Like what Jones told me,
after the storm comes the rainbow,
I hope things work out this way in my life too. :)

enjoy life,

A Wonderful Trip

to a familiar place
with beloved mom and relatives
in the middle of crazy workload September.
Mom got free tickets to a concert on Saturday in Genting.
XiaoYi (Aunt) and XiaoYiZhang (Uncle) were invited to join since dad is not interested in the concert.  
This is mom and XiaoYi.
We had wonderful lunch in a restaurant upon arriving in Genting.

Then this was my supper that night.
Wantan noodle soup ^__^ 

The other morning, Sunday, today... 
Waiting in the lobby of Highland Hotel... 
Had breakfast with mom ^__^ 
Cappuccino and dimsum :D

We went to Chin Swee Temple before going back to Klang.

YiSan got free mooncake on a stage contest.
Then was mom and XiaoYi!! 
In the end, we went home with 5 free mooncakes!! xD

It was windy :) 
Aren't they cute? :) 

We took lots of photos~ 

Later me and YiSan joined a contest again,
to arrange items available into longest line. 

We then went to GohTong Jaya for lunch and continued the journey in Strawberry park. 
The fountain is sooo cute :D 
Strawberry ice :D 

Flower park. 
YiSan picked a strawberry which she is not suppose to do that =X 
Just for fun... :P

This cactus.... 
(Please use your imagination....)

Finally took off with all these....  

Wonderful trip,
I'm well destressed.

By the way,
I went into the casino for the first time in my life.
What an experience!

appreciate life,





刚刚收到Program Coordinator, Ms.Yang的一封电邮:
"I would like to see you personally to have a feedback session on your academic progress."

当下我的唯一推断就是,Medical Nutrition Therapy的成绩有可能会不及格。






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