A Field Visit

to one of the Sodexo outlets in Pantai Bangsar, KL.
The day I fell and hurt myself; one day before I was hospitalized.
I drove our group, SanSan, LeeCheng, WenNi and Jones.
Arrived at Pantai Hospital in Bangsar, KL at about 12.30pm, not so sure with the time.
Found a car park very soon luckily.
Met Ms.Ng at lobby then.

My lunch that day, worth RM9.85, inclusive government tax. 
The food was ok, I always think outside food is too salty for me,
maybe other customers may think it is just nice.

We enjoyed our lunch, hanging out in the cafetaria.

Some even went and bought ice cream from the Baskin Robin there,
Free one scoop with any pink things with you.
What's worth mentioning is there is also a Starbucks outlet there.

We went on with the kitchen tour after meeting Ms.Suma there.
Short briefing in the office then started off with the receiving area.

I've taken lots of photos of the documents pasting on the wall, but not much of people.

This is the poultry and meat washing area.
I forgot if it's blue for fish and red for meat.
Yes, they have to separate the usage of their knives.
Organization chart
It was a very overwhelming trip.
We were there until 6pm, then caught in the jam.

I was very tired and
I sincerely feel sorry for risking my friends' lives when I was trying to cut through the queue.
Thankfully we ok...
Swear to myself, no more carelessness! 

appreciate life,


for 2 days
I was admitted into hospital for my sport injuries, 
kinda silly.

My concern was the dirt and stones that had gone under the skin.
I waited hours and hours, 
for the doctor to arrive, 
for the insurance to be checked, 
for the X-ray to be checked by the doctor,
for the doctor to perform a surgery to remove foreign body.

Then I was kept overnight.

I was all fine, woke up since 6 o'clock in the morning,
waiting for the doctor to come and got me discharged.
I asked and asked, the nurses just told me that the doctor was in operation.

As my plan was to get discharged early so that I could attend the PBL 1B session,
I was quite panic already when the clock hit 11am.
I went to the counter to request for a phone call and mine battery was dead and was taken back by mom.
The nurse attended me was quite rude and I failed to reach my cousin.
I cried, again, sorry about that, my emotional swing.
Luckily, big bro arrived in the ward, as he was just told that I'm still in the hospital.
He helped asking the nurse, did some arguing and complaining of course,
as I said, the nurses in charge was not friendly.
And within 10 minutes, the doctor arrived at the bed side.
Feel sorry about me being rude to him.
He scolded the nurse in charge for not communicating well with all.
(padam muka! :P)

He straight away signed me medical leave then.
Though I wasn't able to leave yet.
The nurses were still dealing with the insurance procedure.
Big bro called a cousin who was under ING too to help out.
Then the whole thing was speed up, or should I say, back on track again.

However, we still decided to pay a RM200 deposit as the insurance thingy was still pending.
By the time big bro sent me home, it was too late to drive to Bukit Jalil again
as my friends had all gone back for their Raya Break already.

By now, arms are still cramping,
for all those unnecessary injections.

The other patient who was in the same room with me also had had very bad experiences with nurses.
People will appreciate if we're treated more carefully you know? 
What's more we came to private hospital for a better care,
or we should just go to government hospital next time
cause why pay more when the services are as bad?

Thank you Apple YaPing jiejie for accompanying me upon waiting and treated me breakfast;
Thank you AhJia jiejie for helping out when I was first admitted, that was really helpful and is much appreciated;
Thank you Dage (big bro) for everything you've done, here and there;
Thank you dad and mom for bringing me food in the night;
Thank you the nurse from Segi college, for being helpful while I was there.


appreciate life,

Think about Piano

I'm enjoying my night, 
after the crazy Class tests Marathon,
ended with the MNT Class Test 2, 
which constitute 40% of my total marks for the module.

After long time abandon, 
I'm happy that I still remember "River flows in You" :D

It's a shame that I never continue my piano class since high school.

A friend from the Dandelion choir posted on facebook 
a picture of her in ballet outfit with her parents.
I remember the caption said something about her parents work hand in hand with her,
keep motivating her in her ballet and piano classes.
And that's the reason she never gave up on her classes.

So, why do I quit?
I remember vividly,
once I was playing piano on Sunday morning.
A family member ran out from his room and yelled at me.
I remember vividly,
how hard it is to take my increasing piano fees from my dad 
as I was trying to sound like I don't care.
I remember vividly,
I just started learning at that time,
I played and asked if that's nice cause I love the song I just played,
she said can you play something else, don't repeat over and over again,
and I wanna watch TV.

I'm glad that I quit.
When I have earned sufficient income, 
I'll resume, for sure :)

And thanks dear PeiJia for motivating me over and over again, hehe! :)
And I miss bro and Pauline too.
Hope they are alright. :)

appreciate life,

Semangat Sunday

Sushi Zanmai @Sunway Pyramid Outing

◊º≈~Take One~≈º◊

◊º≈~Take Two~≈º◊ 
From left: HernLeek, me, HuiYan, KahYen, Neko, HueyShin
Holding the cake, is our birthday girl, whose birthday was last Friday ^___^

It was a great outing, a lucky one as well. 
We met ShuHui, YiEn and JiaChing while we're about to leave the place!
Photos of us are with YiEn I think.
For that 1-2 hours, it was just us, girls chit-chating.
Some of them are currently persuading further education in China, one's gone to Europe, one's gone to Taiwan.
It is interesting to listen, to know that there're so many cultural differences.

One day, I'll explore the world for real :D

Hazelnut Sesame from TongKee

Not very expensive, can I buy myself one next birthday?
Or just this Christmas? xD

Woke up at 7am this morning, done lots of things~
Wash bed set, wash curtain, do laundry, study a little bit, chat with bro a little, mop the floor, mop living room and kitchen, threw old broken shoes, ....

The last class test for semester 5 is on this Tuesday.
This MNT class test 2 is gonna take 40% of my total marks for this module.
Well, Ms.Cheng said it's not gonna be difficult, hope she meant it :-X

Last week I made this :)
Little cereal snacks
Honey star and kokocrunch ^___^

Pauline already went on Star Cruise by now I guess.
Haven't seen her for 3 days, hope she's doing better and better!
Can't wait to see her on TV show *excited excited* :D

Changed my BB background to this picture :3
It's a scene around the Botanic neighborhood.

appreciate life,

I like


I like raining.
I like bathing.

I like rainy Sunday.
I like bathing when it's raining.

I like bathing when it's raining on Sunday.

appreciate life,

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