Last Friday Night 21st♥

I went to a four course fine dining in Cilantro, Subang Jaya.
 Though the traffic was terrible, I arrived earlier than ShiWei and JunXiang. 
Waiting with my bread... 
Then they arrived at about 7.00pm
After they finished their bread, we started our appetizer.. 
The title was Thai Fusion Cuisine.
"King Prawn on the Golden Rock"
Exotic prawn with pineapple, super yummy! 
"Sweatting soup"
Tom yum soup with crystal fish ball, yum yum~~ 
Main Course: "Chicken Little"
comprises Mini Gordon Bleu, Stew Thai Meatball, Chicken Galantine 
Dessert: "Lava Chocolate" 
Wait till you see the liquid chocolate spill out when you cut the cake....

I had a great night.
Thank you ShiWei, JunXiang, for the surprise.
Really touched when you said you've been preparing since I agreed to come to the dinner...
Like JunXiang said in facebook,
Friendship Forever...

With lot's of ♥,
Sin Ywing

appreciate life,

♥ It's my one and only 21st♥ (cont.)

Well, this was the last but most meaningful gift I received...
The first received gift from my three brothers :)
I love it, really love it <3

Then was this :D
From XiaoYi (aunt) and family <3

On that day itself, Janet came to IMU and play birthday song in the lecture hall.
I have to say, that was the one time I heard birthday song on my birthday itself...
She wrapped it really nicely, cute.
And WengYan too <3
Love the earrings <3

After the dinner with family and XiaoYi,
I went to AEON Bukit Tinggi myself, just to buy myself a cake.
Noir from Starbucks.

Though, I have no appetite for it at all.

It was a plain day, 
with no huge emotional wave, 
no surprise, 
just a happy me :)

I wish I asked my friends to come out in the night,
it was kinda boring, to be honest. :P

I'd like to share this: 讓自己清醒的19句話

Argh, I forgot to blow the candle myself since I'd already bought a cake!
Could really use a wish:
I wish for a healthy and happy me...
(If there's a bonus wish) and world PEACE.
*blow out two long and one short lit candles* :)

appreciate life,

♥ It's my one and only 21st♥

Hello all! It's my one and only 21st!!!
I'm officially, legally an adult!!!

Got my first present just now, from SanGe (三哥),
he bought on behalf of all my brothers :)
Then this was from XiaoYi (小姨)
Candies and T-shirts.
One is in the laundry basket already.... xD

Well, it was YokeFun's birthday not long ago,
we went to KimGary, me, Pauline, YokeFun and Alvin, and of course, the baby :D
to enjoy the 50% discount coupon ^o^
A HUGE meal, I cannot finish :-/

Enjoyed the black sesame soy drink in MyVegetarian while waiting for dad and mom to come during lunch time.

Yesterday was nephew's birthday!
Just one day before me!
Cousin asked me to make some egg tarts for the party on Saturday, so I did. 

My birthday present to myself.
With all the sweat and sound I made while using too much energy to move the whole bicycle into the car....
and of course, the repair cost... 
Nice and comfortable riding on it once more!! :D

The scenes around while cycling.... 

Please don't rain in the morning, I wanna go cycling again.
This time with Pauline dear. :)

Gonna have dinner with family, aunt and cousins, 
they are the closest in my life, for the past 21 years and onward I'm sure.

I'm not as young anymore,
will cut down unnecessary sleepless nights.

Good night :)

appreciate life,

Welcome Back Dear Friends

No lecture today, I'm in Klang the whole day!

This is not a new song, I just like it.
The song is sad, though I don't get the meaning of the MV @@
Do watch the following one, the sequel, if you watched the above one.
Sort of interesting, how they come up with the idea for the MVs.

Back to the topic...

Pauline is back!!!
Well, July is the season of those who went to Taiwan for further education to come back for holiday.
Henry (Pang) and Onion are back, and now I meet with Pauline too.

Me and Pauline, we had dinner yesterday night, at Kim Gary's, with YokeFun and Alvin.
It was YokeFun's treat, she got the 50% discount coupon.
Met little Wayne Hong again also, YokeFun and Alvin's baby.
He's cute <3

We went swimming in the morning, fetched her at 8.30am.
Then went for breakfast at My Vegetarian, Bayu Tinggi.
Followed by Facial, visiting Pauline's grandpa and hanging out at my home.

After Pauline left, I baked some butter cookies with oat!
I'd done some house chores too!
Then at 6pm, I went helping out in the restaurant, until 10pm.
What a day!

Appreciate the companionship of a friend who knows me,
more precious than diamond <3

appreciate life,

Wonderful Weekend

with friends and family!

Quite a day, had lecture at 9-12pm, which actually ended at around 11am,
went home then had lunch with dad and mom.

Sat in front of the lappie, watched a few episodes of "10 things I Hate About You".
"You know, dad warn us everyday about pregnancy."
"You're lucky, dad warns me twice a day."
"Ya, well. He never mention all the other ways a guy can screw you."
"Amen, sis."
____10 Things I Hate About You S1E8

Then at 4.30pm, I drove out to meet Eric.
Eric drove to Henry's, which is somewhere close to the Istana of Sultan Selangor.
We took off to Bandar Sunway to meet Jack and his girl friend, Melody.

At about 6pm, I think, we met Jack and Melody, then Jack drove us all to KLCC to pick up Onion and Neko.
Only then, we went to our destination, Ampang Look Out Point. 

We had our dinner there, looking at the view of the KL city.
Then we climbed up to the top again.

View of the KL city from Ampang Look Out Point

Later, we thought of going to Snowflake in Kuchai Lama,
too bad that the place was crowded.
We dropped Neko at Bukit Jalil, they got to see the tiny IMU BJ campus then.
Then Jack drove by the new Taylor's Lakeside campus.
It's large and beautiful, lots of shops!
The buildings are beautiful~~~

Jack went back to his place, 
we got into Eric's car then Eric dropped Onion and Henry, then sent me back.
By the time I got home, it was already 12am!

I had no problem falling into sleep that night, really awesome night.

It's Sunday today, as usual, bah kut teh as breakfast in the morning :D

Since dad was busy with the renovation in his office,
I bought mom to AEON and we had some shopping moment.

I got myself some clothes, a necklace with "C" alphabet, supplement, lotion and eyeliner.
I like this a lot!!

Made myself a cup of coffee then.
Mom's gone with relative, including one of my aunt, my XiaoYi, who just got back from visiting her eldest daughter in England.
Mom said she missed her a lot.
Hope she'll have fun.

Tonight will be just me and dad. 
Gotta go :)

appreciate life,

Long Live Harry Potter

I believe that there are a lot of people out there, actually growing up with Harry Potter.
The world of Harry Potter created by J.K.Rowling is amazing.

Though the era of Harry Potter ends with the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2,
The characters, Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, et cetera will never died in our memories.

Next movie I wanna watch!
Also a fiction I love a lot!

appreciate life,

Wave goodbye

to my moody hormones.
stupid moody hormones.

I was finally able to smile without forcing myself to last night, after the movie.
Being fully conscious about being emo for no reason is pathetic.


Pandan Chicken served by one of my family's favorite restaurant.
My appetite was so turned on the I totally forgot to take photos of the spicy fish served! 

Lecture by Dr.Hariyati, inspiring, motivating lecture,
it's a shame that I was too tired to be able to fully concentrate.

I cooked this, looking ok?
Bought Wantan noodles, some butterhead lettuce for salad, some frozen dolly fish.
Other than using too many types of seasonings, I think it's quite ok :P

Despite being not able to sleep well due to PMS,
I shall say I sort of enjoy being able to feel happy again, 
though I had to wake up at 7am to get ready for school while I was awake since 3am in the morning;
though it was still raining so heavily that I got myself all wet, etc etc 

Had a rather fruitful Nutrition Counselling tutorial just now with my colleagues.
Taken by Shryn. 

Got lecture to attend tomorrow, for Enterprise Management.
Should off to bed.
I'm a happy girl :)

appreciate life,

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