Malacca-Muar Trip•Hello Year 3!


>>Little Cafe

>>Tanjung Emas


>>Jonker Street 


A memorable trip with Grace Mumu, thank her for bringing me to her hometown, Muar.

The moment with her and her doggy, Jack (Oh I miss him already!!), will always be in  my mind.
Shall update later, my third year of degree course gonna start very soon.

quoted Kenneth Loh.

p/s: a tick on the 2011 Resolution ;-)

appreciate life,


Hanny came down to Klang yesterday! 
I brought her to the June Restaurant (陆月茶餐室) for breakfast, both of us had pork chop and coffee.
The coffee there is very nice, pekat/gao gao xD

Then we went back to my home, served her the apple crumbles I made, glad that she enjoyed them! ^__^
Then we chit chat for a while, lying on the sofa, continue chit chating.... haha
When the rain stop, we went swimming.
Luckily I didn't really got very tan :P

Hanny went back afterwards, as she need to go to work at 5pm.
Me too, gonna go and prepare the dance studio for classes.

During the working hour....

Took hell a lot of pictures of myself... xD

Then is today, the hang out day with my girls, Janet and WengYan.


The beverages!!! :D 

The FOOD!!! 

J. Co Frozen Yogurt!!! :DDD

We shopped too, bought a lovely dress, quite short, but sexy loh :P
Love the dress, but I'm broke again... X_X

Of course, we girls, got together, had a lot of fun chit chatting too...
We talked about the past, the current, and the future...

Friendship forever <3

appreciate life,

Don't let the time slip away!

The Malacca trip was sort of cancelled.
Now I know why they never wanna book the hotel in advance, huge disappointment. -">__<"-
Anyway, Grace Mumu replied in my facebook post saying she wanna bring me to Malacca!!!
Hooray!!! Love Grace <3
Thought not really confirm with her yet, (I shall call her up tomorrow) my last three days of semester break, I'll be in Malacca and Muar v^o^v Whee~~~

Last few days weren't really all bad.
Went to One Utama last Thursday, since I don't have to work in the morning.
With Eric and Neko.
Had lunch in Friday ^___^

Had lemonade, very nice :3

The lunch sets are back!!!
We ordered 2 and shared.

The appetizers, half way eating xD

I'm not really a rice person, unless it's bah kut teh :P

Eric ordered his mom a cute jelly cake from the Q Jelly cake store.
Well that was the purpose of us driving all the way to One Utama.

Other days, I made a few of this:

Baked fish cocktails with a simple butter head lettuce salad.

Homemade, freshly squeezed orange juice! :D

Also, spent quite some hard earned money on this:

Three different types of Chinese medicine prescribed for a month.

That's about it!
Semester 5 is coming up real soon!!!
Bless me!

appreciate life,

It's about experience

It's Sunday again! A relatively relax Sunday to me, though I still gotta work.
SooFong, my new co worker, is having her final exam this week, so she won't be around until 12 of June, which is when I need to off for Melacca Trip, what a coincidence!

Woke up at 7am, enjoy the morning and leave to work at 8.15am.
The job as receptionist in Moon Walker Dance Studio is relatively easy and relax, I even have time to read my notes!

Judy, one of the teacher in the studio brought me rice dumpling and tea,
though it was meant to be given to SooFong...

It was delicious! My first and second rice dumpling for this year.

This is the tea, forgot to take photo before enjoying my rice dumpling, oops :P

Went home then, was hungry, cooked Loh Mee.
At around 3pm or 4pm, aunt called and asked me and mom to Subang Jaya.


We went to Subang Parade.
Aunt has a dinner in the night, so we have only about 2 hours to shop.

First stop, get a fruit juice.
Normal price was RM6.50, me and mom got the offer price for Dragon fruit+Pear+Mango.
Delicious! YUMYUM :3
Mom didn't enjoy it as much.

I didn't buy anything from the shopping, too short period or nothing really interest me.

Had dinner with dad, mom and big bro.
Big bro supports me, to experience different jobs.
He said he regrets.
He thought it is good to experience all sorts of jobs before it's too late.
What a relief..

appreciate life,

Girls' Day Out • Post EOS Semester 4

The hang out day had been postponed week after week.
WengYan got a camp the week right after the exam, that's why.

We went to Sunway Pyramid this time, we finally decided that this is our central point as three of us live in different places.
First stop was a Korean restaurant in the Asian Avenue.

The price was ok, food quite nice as well.

This was mine, BBQ Chicken Rice...
Too much rice, half way eating my appetite already gone....

We shared this, this was really good :D

We continue shopping in Asian Avenue afterwards, each of us bought bags from a shop, RM20 each!!
I bought another one extra, RM29.90. Nice green bag, medium size, good for short trips or going to IMU ^___^

At around 3pm, we decided we should have dessert..

This frozen yoghurt was really really nice :3
I wish to go back some time soon ^____^

At around 4pm, we waved goodbye and gone back.
I need to work at 5pm....
Start to think this job is unbearable....
Nobody supports me...
Me, upset.

Why do I have to always on my own?!
Why do you drag me down when you never supported me?

appreciate life,

Another Exhausting "Lindt" Weekend

This promoter job sure exhaust me, from inside out.
The following Monday had always been empty, always used to relief all the sores and pains >__<

Let the photos tell the stories.
First thing when you reach the mall, get your pass.

New "deco" on the promoter that week.... Wrap ourselves with ribbons.. xD
Only for girls, of course.

Food food food.... :D
Crispy Popiah


Curry Chicken Rice

Ashley was there!!
for the handsome chef.... xD

appreciate life,

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