今天就是喜欢过度曝光 之

今天就是喜欢过度曝光 之





Sunday with movie

I was kinda down in the morning. 
To be honest, things keep gone bad these days, plus people's judgement and perception.
It's hard to take in.
I understand that I made some bad mistakes, not very proud and I'm very sorry about that.
But people brought it up again on my face, I mean, I didn't do on purpose and when I made mistake, that doesn't mean I'll be wrong all the time. What's more, people make mistakes.
I try to do more good things, to contribute more, I'm sure people see it (or not..).

Sigh.. Just wanna say, it's a hard feeling.
Gotta live with guilt, you know?
I'll keep do better things, no matter what.

At around 2pm, I decided to go out for a movie.
Dressing up myself, put on a little make up.
Big big face xD

I watched "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles".
My score for this movie is 9/10.
It was very interesting only except for the beginning which is essential to link the movie up, to add some emotion to the characters.

"Retreat." "Hell!!!"
Don't know what this means? Go watch and you'll get it.
I gotta say, this actually motivate me :)

This is my dinner, seafood ramen. I asked to omit the oysters :P
I love the corn and tauge in the soup, crunchy bites :D

After movie, I went buying something.
Dutch lady chocolate is cheaper than the low fat original, so I bought chocolate milk.
Red bell peppers is a lot more expensive as compared to the green one.
Next time should just buy the green one :P

Lime Lemon Juice with kanten(jelly), a treat from da jie, arigato neh~~ :3

appreciate life,

FSM Project Trial

These are photos from yesterday:
Whole set, temporary selling price: RM8.90

"Hail, Caesar!"
Vegetable salad served with cheddar cheese and crunchy bread cubes

"Sunshine Dessert"
Icy cold mango dessert served with pomelo

"Golden Zucca Pasta"
Vegeroni fussili pasta with sauce made out of golden pumpkin, carrot and potato

Ala carte is available if desired. Of course it is not as worth the money as the set.
Today half day schedule filled with the long long practical session, not as time consuming as the fat determination but the protein determination is really tidious.
Then, after lunch, had discussion on the Community Nutrition practical intervention with MeeFong, came out with conclusion, nice. Coming back to Klang, I dropped by the shop to ask for container prices, the prices I got were far cheaper than my batchmate offered, great! Then dropped by brother's stationery and printing shop, one A3 size card printing, double-sided RM5.50. We'll need 4 for the intervention, that will cost us RM22.00. Should be fine I think, as each of us are provided with the fund of RM50 :D

Went back home, I started to the design for our plan on intervention. Well, I'm not familiar with Adobe Photoshop, took me quite some time until I gave up and go to youtube to search for tutorial. With one tips, I then start working smoothly! I finished drawing the puzzle already by now :D
What's left is the poster to think of, hm hm hm.... :)

It's almost 9pm, I wasted quite a lot of time actually.
Kevin called, today got badminton game and I said no.
I love to practice my badminton and exercise but I think I need to rest and study already.
Cause the AC week isn't going to be as relax as I thought it would be...
With NSM conference and the intervention day,
it's gonna be very packed as well....
Well, I already asked for leaves next week, so I'm not gonna work on next Friday and Saturday.
Sunday work half day from 11.30am till 7.00pm,
then on the following Monday got class test.

Work hard ah Sin Ywing!!

appreciate life,

Hong Kee Dim Sum with PJ

54 questionnaires to conclude, I think I finished them yesterday in half an hour, no mistake, hehehe~ 

There're only 3 lectures today, all in the morning cause afternoon is the time for FSM group 1 to do their trial run and demo on combi oven.
Went out for lunch with Pei Jia (Deborah) at Hong Kee Dim Sum in Cheras.
Very satisfying, lol~~
Xiao Long Pau
Not as nice as Dragon-i's, but not bad also :)

Gam Sha Pau,
this is really good, yum yum yum~~ ^w^

Chu Chong Fan with prawns, hehehe~~~
We ordered two plates so each of us can have one, so so so satisfying xD

Prawn Dumplings,
quite nice, I love prawns ^__^

Fried dumplings,
Pei Jia coughed at her first bite cause she's feeling not well, lucky I ordered only one plate of fried dish.
Nice too, hehehe~~~

I love Dim Sum too, too bad it's expensive and my parents don't seems to enjoy them as much as I do.
Each of us spent RM15, not very expensive, it's ok to eat once in a while ^_^

Just switch on my piano, ya, switch on xD
and played River Flows In You once, 99% memorized dy! Can I tick my resolution list already? Haha~~~ But I'll need more practice until I play it really nicely :)

I'm fully charged now, wee~~~
Go go go!! :D

appreciate life,


Due to Sunday's activities, I was super tired even though I took a 2-hour nap right after I went back from my friend's dive office. Guess I wasn't having a good nap, cause I was very sleepy while driving early in the morning. It can't be due to blood donation, it was days ago already!

Slept in Dr.Tony's class, not concentrating at all during Prof.Fatimah's lecture (it was boring! :O)...
Then I skipped Prof.Khor's lectures to went writing report in the e-lab.

WengYan joined me afterwards, she wasn't there at the first two lectures, she went for the following two.
We went to the library to see LiJiun and Jennifer for the debate meeting.
Quite an active meeting, we come out with something at least.
At that moment, a doctor came in to the CSA and tell us to run later when the fire alarm rings xD

Ya, fire drill.

All people inside the IMU building walked out from the building, it was quite a scene.
From there we can see the capacity of the building, never thought there were so many of us inside this tiny little building xD

I chat with Kevin during Prof.'s lecture actually.
The financial constraint is holding me tight, very unpleasant.
I realize that I'm a much happier person when I got some money inside my pocket..
Finally I gave up on getting the diving license due to lack of fund. Furthermore, I really hate owing people money. I did that for my dearest Canon 450D already. It was tiring, stressed. I don't like it though I love having a DSLR =X

Mom didn't cook tonight :(
I made my own bowtie pasta with mushroom sauce.
Made extra thought of bringing it to uni tomorrow but later daddy said he didn't wanna go out too. I gave my tomorrow lunch to him ^__^
Don't know if he enjoyed cause I went out for my second yoga class later.

Came home, drinked milo and eat the mochi bought by bro's gf from Japan.
My bro's gf's name is terbalik of mine, YingXin.
Luckily she and her family came back from Japan trip safe and sound :D

Me, done bathing, very refreshing after sweating then bathing ^____^v

Should take more photos, haha~~

Task list:
1. Finish up my Clinical Biochemistry report 4
2. Do the statistic for Community Nutrition Practical
3. Think of the intervention activities for the Practical

Should done this task list by tomorrow, yes I can do this! :D

appreciate life and keep holding on!

Janet's 22nd Birthday

It's gonna be very long time later until we see you again after we finish semester 4, Janet!

Happy Birthday Janet~~~ 
Glad you like the cake, me and WengYan will miss you leh when you're gone to Ottago.

All the best, be good :)

appreciate life,

Another tasks list!!

I like this part of the ND109 <3

This is so much FUN!! :D
I remember LeeCheng asked me if I like to be in photos when they car-pool with me.
I love both! Photo shooting and to be in photos.

Well, I can be both.


Me and WengYan, we both have big eyes, teehee~~ :D
But WengYan's eyes lashes are prettier, longer ^_^

Janet and WengYan, always appreciate their companionships in and out of IMU <3

OK, it's time to get serious. 
Task list:
1. Basic Immunology PBL 1B
2. Novelty Nutrition Debate information gathering
3. Clinical Biochemistry Practical Report 3
(the last 3 4 class tests!!!...)
4. Sports and Exercise Science Class Test 2 (28/3)
5. Basic Pharmacology Class Test 2 (1/4)
6. Analysis of Nutrients Quiz 2 (4/4)
7. Basic Immunology Class Test 2 (6/4)
8. Community Nutrition Practical - Intervention
9. Food Service Management Project Part 2

The report is crazy, one report but effort of two!! 
And it dues this Friday, gonna work on it tonight cause I hate last minute job.
No.4 till 7 are class tests, finally, the last 4, also as crazy.
4 class tests in 2 weeks, *tremble... I scare...

Then No.8 and 9 are projects, which contribute to big proportions in our total marks for the sem.
The briefing for FSM part 2 is tomorrow, as for Community Nutrition, I haven't heard from the group after the assessment day last Saturday. We still need to analyse our results, hm hm...

So much for the task list..
WengYan and I went out after the practical to JoJo BanMee again today, haha~~
I like the noodles, very Q, haha~~
I ordered WanTan BanMee, the wantan was ok, but the soup is a bit too salty.

Time really flies, before I realize, it's already week 9, which means there's only 5 more weeks until the semester ends. Followed by hectic study break and end-of-semester exam, we will then send away 7 out of 84 of us in the batch including Janet. There will then be 77 of us including 7 guys in ND109, nice also lah, 777, lol.
I'll miss them. Though I always think small group is better for carrying out events, I like hiding inside the crowd when I don't wanna get caught by the lecturers.

I bought a white sport watch, RM6.90, hehe, nice and cheap :P
So I tick my wish list down there.
Only one and a half left:
- to polish Myvi and to have no painful pimples.
Well, to polish or not to polish the car is not my call, and I don't have the ability to.
As for pimples, meh.. should try out the gua sha dy, should go see my Chinese Medicine doctor soon :)

It's 5.20pm already.
Gotta keep my time productive as I don't have extra.

appreciate life,

Alone doesn't mean Lonely

Bought new pendrive! 4GB RM27.90 only! Weee~~
Don't know the price of pendrive drop this much nowadays~

There's a Women's Heart Health Awareness in the mall yesterday.
I got into the queue and got all the check up ^_^

This is my result!! Optimal risk, healthy yo ^o^v
But my height is 164cm only oh @@?
Blood sugar 5.5 mmol/L and Total cholesterol 4.15mmol/L;
Blood pressure 118/79 :D

Then you see what I did....

I squeeze my bike into Myvi back seats!! xD
The tires were flat already, I had bought a few bump and all of them broke, cannot function anymore.
I sent the bike to petrol station to bump air.
Unfortunately, the back tire rosak already, meh.... still cannot ride :-(

This is me, just fine being alone.

That was yesterday.
Today morning got a class test for Basic Epidemiology.
The paper was not hard, finished and double-checked in 15 minutes for the 1 hour paper... 0_0
However, I got more than two questions wrong also.... Just can't get full marks though it's easy.

And I went to my first yoga class just now! :D
I fail stretching, gotta work extra hard lo~ ^_^

appreciate life,

Sunday Alone

Tasks for today!
1. Wash clothes
2. Wash car
3. Mop room
4. Wash toilet
5. Go to the mall to bank in cheque, photo printing and shopping
6. Study for Basic Epidemiology Class Test 2

Yesterday was quite a tiring day.
I woke early at 7am, then drove at 8am to Bukit Jalil to meet my friends at 8.45am.
We went to Ti-Ratana again. This time I don't need to drive, relax a bit.

Clumsy, made some mistakes, that shouldn't be made.
I learnt the lesson.
Thanks for the group for.. not to say forgive me, but they move on to troubleshooting very fast.
Emotionally, I moved on fast too, to contribute, not to keep blaming myself.

The whole session was fine, though tiring. 
I was running up and down the staircases. 

Apparently, the children in Ti-Ratana are interested in photo shooting too.
Here is the one and only photo of me, taken by one of the children there.

OK, it's 11 o'clock dy.
Gotta go and grab some breakfast.. 

Awww! I want my bah kut teh lah >___<

appreciate life,

Another month has begun

Can't believe it's March already!
Though semester 4 is so packed that it felt so long and never ending, I remember it was still 3 January when we first started the semester.

The ND boys!!!
Click to enlarge :D

And I did some editing, new try with the Photoshop :D

No doubt I was shooting our reflection on the big mirror in the fitness centre.
Love~~~ mirrors~~ xD 

This is LiJi with her injured thumb.
Hope she gets well soon lah, sampat po.
Good luck with your summative!

Second trip to Ti-Ratana for Community Nutrition Practical tomorrrow.
Gonna take another bunch of photos.

appreciate life,

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