The End of 2010

Ain't them cute? :3

These are just baked puff pastry.
I actually cut these little shapes for Christmas eve night, I must've been very full, what's more, there were too much foods that night, then I forgot.
I baked them and ate them with the remain cream cheese filling for tarts and some strawberries.

They tasted great, nice and crispy, yumyum~
Should've made more, haha!

Guess this is the end of the year I can write "20" in the "Age" column, welcome the 21st year of my life.
Still remember how I wish I can grow faster when I was a child.
Time flies ever since I left high school.

Review for the year...
Semester 2, GPA>3.0, bravo!!!!
But it was quite meaningless, cause everyone gets good result during semester 2, at least I'm that 'everyone'...
Semester 3, 2.5
Well, I was too busy working? ...maybe.
Too busy driving? ...what lah.
No excuse please!!
Well, what I accomplished was to be able to get a long term job, earn some extra pocket money :)
2010 2010 2010.... Did I become more mature already? 
I think so :)

As for co-curriculum and other thingy....
I missed out the whole IMU Cup event except for the closing ceremony only!!! 
I got my left foot wrapped for weeks cause I didn't take good care of it.
I joined Eco Friends Club, participated in the Ecomergency Week.
I missed out a lot of performance chances in Dandelion choir.
I'm still single, like I always was for the last 20 years.
I'm no longer holding on the pass, I've moved on.
I think my driving skills did improve, hehe...
I made my first Christmas eve dinner!
I help my parents with bills!
I do photography!
I learnt golf!

Well, all these I wrote don't follow timeline.
But these sentences do summarize almost all my events throughout the year.

For the last three days of the year 2010, I'll be working in the night, preparing/cleaning things for school reopen on 3rd of Jan 2011.

I wanna celebrate, I wanna celebrate~
Or at least give myself a big treat before some serious time.
Shall buy some fish fillets from supermarket, cook some black pepper prawns and steam some mashed potato again :3

Let's say "Hi" to 2011 and semester 4!,

Christmas in Genting '10

I've been to Genting Highland for a lot of times that I can't even count!
I'd say hundreds of times, since 5, 6 years old?

The Christmas trees all around Christmas are by plastic bottle this time, the biggest one outdoor, small ones in First World. Even the light decorations are made using plastic bottles, big or small, 1.5L or 500mL.

My niece, KaiYing

Niece, KaiXin

Thanks them all for accompanying me all the time. It was wonderful.
For the first time, Genting does not equal to loneliness.
Make me realize that I shouldn't give up company for loneliness :)

Well, down here is a series of photo of my cousin, YiSan and niece KaiXin.

Ain't them sweet? <3

More group photos!!

Thanks for the poses, lol :)

My cute little niece hugging her father, owh she's so adorable <3

Well that was the second day at Genting, 26 December 2010.
Let's get back to the Christmas day itself :D

We had buffet!
I'll just skip other food and just focus on the dessert itself.
Well, I can't really post up everything, these are just some of the desserts!


This is what I had that day :)

I love this photo, do you? :)

appreciate life,

Christmas Eve '10

TA DAA!!!!
Looking great?? :3

The menu of the Christmas Eve dinner of 2010:
prepared by ME :3
Baked cauliflower
Main course
Crab stick wrapped by chicken strips, dressed with mushroom sauce
Bowtie pasta with red sauce
Baked wedges
Strawberry cheese tarts
Apple cheese tarts
Marshmallow chocolate tarts
Lemon Jelly
English Trifle

provided by BRO ;))
Red wine

Main course :)

From top: Apple (coated with sugar and Cinnamon powder) cheese tarts;
Marshmallow chocolate tarts;
Strawberry cheese tarts
*These I added almond nips in the tart crusts, more crispier
Bro said it was crispy too :D

My Trifle tasted good, unfortunately it looks very bad after certain period of time ><
My first Trifle, English Trifle. Still got some left in the fridge, yumyum :3
One of them was eaten by aunt's family as they happened to drop by my house to fetch mom, what a coincidence :)
The lemon jelly on the other hand, nice lemon aroma, sour and sweet, should have been ate as starter, very appetizing! Too bad I didn't take any photo of that, it's pretty~~

I think the crab stick wrapped with chicken was nice, should make that again sometime ^^
However, the wedges was too dry, should have coated the wedges with some oil.
The Bow-tie pasta was al-dente, hehe ^^

Me and bro, we enjoyed the food and the wine, then chit chat, then watched TV.
One nice night, with friend, with joy :D
Thanks bro for accompanying me this Christmas eve, my Christmas eves had been miserable, alone... But tonight, it was totally enjoyable.
Feels good to prepare food too, I love culinary arts :3
Wow, really, I'd been preparing those desserts and food since noon time!

Ohohoh!! It's 12am already!!!

appreciate life,


不久前终于收到了Bearlim2011年的笔记本和月历,妈妈也说很漂亮 :D
月历我买了两本,一本放在家里,另一本打算送给我很敬爱小姨 :)

我的TimTam Truffles,草莓还有奇异果,我某个晚上的点心 :)

这个嘛…… 改取个什么名字呢?

香肠、蟹柳切成薄片;在碗中打入鸡蛋,加入牛奶,体积比例大概是1鸡蛋:2牛奶吧,我都是随性加;调味,一小撮的盐,还有我喜欢用黑胡椒粉。把所有东西放进小锡箔杯子或是蛋糕摸,能进烤箱就可以了;最后,在上面洒点香料点缀 :)





Joyful :3

In the kitchen...

It's Frost and Santa again! 
Santa with bell :D

Frost with stars :D

Dear Truffles are all packed :)

Ain't they delightful? :3

This is it! Tim Tam Truffles in pot :D
A total of 50 of them!

I woke up a bit late today, bro texted me that I don't need to fetch the maid from cousin's house anymore.
The new employer can do her job I guess.

Spent some time on TV then off to do some errands for bro and watch out in the restaurant while bro and cousin went for meaty breakfast, lol.
Some meaty meals are quite essential when a non-vegetarian person run a vegetarian restaurant.

I had my breakfast too, while I went out to do the errands, passed by CheongHo.
I was home around 12pm. Then I start packing last batch of truffles and continue with the dough I made and left in fridge. Oh I love my life :D

The day is not end yet!
I'm gonna make a birthday card for dad, his birthday's on Sunday :)

Oh I can't wait for tomorrow's Christmas party :3

appreciate life,

Gifts & Treats!

5 gifts!! Actually, until now, there's 7 gifts ready to be gave away!! :D

Christmas is about gifts and treats!! It's FUN!! 

I enjoy wrapping gifts so much :3

And this, decoration for the Tim Tam Truffles presentation.

I further decorate the decorating items beneath the Santa and Frosty :3

And this..............
Is my treat to everyone!! :D
Tim Tam Truffles again!!! :3

Oh I <3 them :3

Can't wait for the Dandelion Christmas party in two days :DDD
I'm so excited!!! 

By the way, this Tim Tam Truffles recipe is from Su@Delectable.
Of course, later I further searched on the internet 
Thanks Su, for the perfect inspiration :)

Oh wait, I have to note this down!
Tim Tam Truffles reserved for...
ShiWei, BeiNing, Dandelion Christmas Party of course :D

appreciate life and enjoy Christmas,

Empty Wallet, Contented Heart

All these... RM160++!!!
I'm so dead...
But that brand of facial products was really good, I used the bottle up!

Last Friday:
Fried fish fillet from Jusco store, me too lazy @@, topped with extra prawns.
Side dish: (from left) mayonnaise mixed with onions and seasoned in tomato, fried black pepper prawns in tomato, mashed potato. 
Looking good? 
It was yummy!!
I made mashed potato, fried some black pepper prawns, five prawns to be specific.
It cost me RM1++.

Today! I made these again!!
 Still fried fish fillet from Jusco store, different fish type this time.
Side dish: same like last time.
Except I made the black pepper prawns extra gravy to top my mashed potato!

Finish them up! Leave some extra mashed potato and black pepper prawns for dinner before going for work.

Oh! And I watched Repunzel!
I think it's just me, it was so touch that I have to grab tissue from my bag in the dark.
The story line was great :)

Looking forward to more free time in this sem break.

appreciate life,

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