The Rest of the Raya Break '10

Basically, day 4 was all spent in the shop, working full time on Sunday.
Then it's day 5, I washed my car (finally), love it, it is so clean now. I baked, for cousin, Dorothy who is going to fly to England tomorrow early in the morning, 2am. And watched a lot of house. In the night, farewell dinner for Dor, then played "The Lord of the Rings" with eldest and second brothers. 
Notice I didn't mention anything about study?

Here it is now, day 6, time sure flies.
Still working on my reports. 
PBL and class test to prepare some more.
Damn, I'm so stressed about PBL. Urgh... For those who don't know what's PBL, it's abbreviation of "Problem Based Learning". I usually don't feel stressed at all, but this time, I'm the leader, damn, I did badly during the first session. *slap myself*, can't help keep saying "damn"....

Was having lunch with Eric just now (Eric from high school, not from IMU ^^), 
then were back, then drove home.
I reached my car park, which is a little bit far away from my house I should say, 
I stayed in the car, listening to the music..
I stayed for about half an hour I think, just wanna flip through the booklet of the CD, sing along...

These songs, they are really the power of love...
They used to give me strength, used to accompany when I need someone around but there's no one. 

Well, these songs become classic already, I guess.
I'm different already too.

I used to be a girl who fight for love, totally aggressive. 
I fought, I'm hurt, I cried, heart-broken. 
That's just too tired.

Let it be. 
p.s. Stay away if you have no intention to be intimate.

appreciate life,

Golden Palm Tree @Gold Coast, Sepang

These are some of my <3 favorite photos :)
View from our villa, nice right? :D

Mom and eldest bro at the beach :)

Mom and I :)

Just some random flowers :)

About a month ago, I booked this villa at Golden Palm Tree Resort located at the Gold Coast, Sepang. I went there before, with high school friends, but only see the Golden Palm Tree from far away, cause we stayed at other hotel.

To be frank, this is quite a high class hotel, thus, expensive...

I booked a Canary Palm Villas (82sqm) which is for 4 persons, cause us a total of RM1389.20 in the end, including nice breakfast buffet and one night stay. 
The villa was AWESOME!
We love the TV, it's not an ordinary TV, it's more like a computer. It has multiple functions, free movie, tv program, alarm and so on and so forth.


Dad and Mom

Lobby of the Resort

The beach

Me and mommy~

fat fat fat... :P I need to lose some weight ><

Crazy moment in the villa.. XD

Breakfast Buffet ^^

Going back~

Gotta check out now~

I don't think these guys know I was taking photo of theirs.
These two couples caught my eyes, like this photo :)

Looking forward for the other trip... ^^
appreciate life,

Raya Break

I really appreciate this raya break... 
phew~ suffocated by academic work, 'd been so stressful.

This is my day 1 of the raya break ^^
Ice Lemon Tea~

Black Forest Mushroom Soup

The Cabonara from Set 1 "The Thomas favorite.."

This is mine, dory fish served with SiuBakChoy from Set 2 the "Tracy's favorite" 

The food and drinks are ok....
Not as nice as I thought it would be, but... well, not very expensive, what can I expect?

Later then we went for a movie, "Going the Distance".
Really nice and funny, enjoy it very much though the theater technician messed up the atmosphere a few times...
That's my first day of the raya break!

Tomorrow gonna go to Sepang Gold Coast with family, there gone second and third day.
Coming back from the trip, will be working whole day on Sunday.
Until then, I'll have 7 days left to get enough sleep at the same time finish some reports and do some catch-up study. I really don't wanna fail any module, I'll kill myself for real.

appreciate life,

Humans and the Environment


This is my first photography competition, organised by the IMU Eco Friends club.
Due to shortage of time and busy schedule, I haven't been able to spend much time on this. Well, just to gain experience. 

RM12 for one 8" X 10" photo is expensive, will try to print myself next time ^^

appreciate life,

p/s: feel free to comment on the photo ya :)
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