Yes! It's steamboat!! XD

Happy shots!! ^^

The guys~

Looking pro huh? :D

Welcoming the beautiful night.. :)

Well, the concert is finally over. Me, haven't even finish my after concert report.. ><

The day starts with guilt, end with happiness and some regrets. 
I carry this fear all along the journey, I carry hope as well. 
It's a collision and often makes me feel emo.
Something like hydrophobia, you need water, but your body refuses it.
The burning of the throat while the thought of water immersed is killing you slowly yet you can do nothing.

May nobody else got himself/herself into this situation.
It's almost 2 a.m. now, I'm hungry already... XP
appreciate life,

Enjoy each 24-hour to the FULLEST!

I should be doing ok in study if I contribute all facebook time to study time!

Guess I haven't post anything about the Dandelion 10th Anniversary Concert!!
Here's the photo!

Baked a lot today! Plus yesterday Principles of Food Preparation lab, I'm super tired!
Still, enjoy life!
I rather be tired than boring ^^

btw, I'm not going to join anything this semester.
No cheer leading, no dance club, no stage...
Going to work in a restaurant as waitress three days a week, you see, RM50/week for petrol is just not enough unless I don't go else where beside school!
Really don't wanna go and ask more from daddy anymore...

Work hard, play hard!!
and lastly..
should keep reminding myself:
appreciate life,


Again, 24 hours is never enough.
I start thinking if I'm capable of join cheer leading again.. :(

Life's been back to it's track since the success of the Dandelion concert.
Foot still hurt whenever I use it too much, but I can tell it's getting better.
I slept well yesterday night finally after long period of sickness which makes me insomniac.
I can finally sing along with the radio in the long drive. I enjoy doing that, so much~

I'm giving away things that I love/like.
It's not that I'm not interested in them anymore, I just don't have the time to do everything. Giving them away to people who want them makes me happy, gives me positive feeling. Too bad I have only one guitar, while brother wants it after I promise to lend other person.. @_@ haven't deal with this.. sigh... 

About photography, I really wish I can have more time to study it. I'm so not satisfied with the photos I previously took. I should have taken better photos, in terms of quality.

Unlike last two semesters, my schedule is so packed that I never have time for leisure activity.
I need time for pps... XP

appreciate life,




因为,只有Janet会亲口告诉我:"I'm sorry for you, Cady."
然后我会告诉她:"I'm sorry for myself too..."



成绩一定要保持在second upper,别忘了出国拿硕士课程的梦。
appreciate life,

In the middle of some where

I skip dandelion practice half way cause I promise my brother to help his friend out by teaching him how to make a cake for his girl friend's birthday tomorrow.
I increase the amount of ingredient as I thought it won't be enough. Guess I'm wrong, *sigh.. It takes so long to bake the cake thoroughly!! omg~~

I really miss dandelion now.. *sigh again...

Baking was never this tiring.
appreciate life,

Second Year

Finally, new semester is coming.
It's time to get ready for school.
I like school, I like homework, 
I used to like exam too, don't like it now cause it's too stressful.
About homework, I like finishing my homework, feel good to accomplish something.

My printer was finally fixed too yesterday, with an external cartilage, I can save money in printing notes. However, I'm not going to print out all notes starting this sem. Save paper, save the environment. Furthermore, I don't like to study using notes, they are in slides form, I can't connect everything together with the knowledge organised in different boxes. So it's better that I put everything together in one single page, in mind map form.
This way of study works, in semester 2. 
Guess I should have been doing this when things got complicated ever since in high school  years. Well, it's better than never :)

Will need to go to Popular later, to buy some notebooks and note pad, stationery too. 

By the way, I foot is getting better. I was advised to walk like normal person, so that I use every muscle on my foot to avoid stiffness. So far, the surface of my foot hurt a little, like bruise on it. But I won't feel any pain while walking. Only thing to be cautious is that I can't run or jump at the moment.
appreciate life,

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