A long long week

At last! The busiest week of all ends!!! I'm glad everything is OK.
I'd been busy playing badminton from Monday to Wednesday, it seems that I didn't play a lot, but it's enough to make my muscle cramp! Coming home late every night makes me feel very tired. 
In addition, I went to Bukit Jalil on Tuesday and Thursday, Tuesday was for vaccination, which might make me weaker as well; Thursday was for result. Then there's practice on Thursday night and Friday whole day. 

Follow by the wedding of Alvin and YokeFun, YooHooo~~~
Though it was tiring, but it worths it! 
Somehow, I get tired easy and I need good rest cause I've been sneezing a lot, felt like my immune system jam in the middle as a result of stress and lack of rest. 
Luckily I didn't fall sick.
-> May God bless this perfect couple...
Another thing was, I got my first DSLR within this week as well, HoHo~~~ Hohohoho~~~~ XD
appreciate life,

Semester 2 EOS Exam RESULT

First of all............. I wanna scream: AHHH!!!!! I DID IT!!!

Semester 1 (which is last sem): GPA=2.65!!
Result: 1 C, 1 C+, 3 B-, 1 B+.

Semester 2 (which is NOW): GPA=3.52!!!!!!!!!! ^0^
Result: 1 B, 2 B+, 2 A-, 1 A

Thus, CGPA so far... 3.10!!! Which is a second upper!!

Life's been wonderful, though my body is weak now, flu..... 
I'll be fine!!! HA!!!
appreciate life and wanna get better soon,

Spaghetti Grill @ Mid Valley Megamall

I drove all the way up to Mid Valley Megamall today, to meet up with Janet for lunch before we collect our result in Bukit Jalil. Of course it's farer, but I spent only a total RM2.10 for toll fee. Come on! One toll in Kesas Highway already cost me RM2.20!!!

Back to the topic...
Here we are.... hahaha~~ The food are ok, so so... not really that kind of "I must eat this again!". 

We went for some 99% fat free ice cream later. I had "Apple Star fruit" and Janet took the "Banana Oat". Yum yum~~~ ^w^
appreciate life,

It's just MUFFIN

Does it look inviting to you? 
Please help me by answering the poll at the side bar, thanks a million!
appreciate life,

It's scorched

I always know why I do so and why I think so.

I used to run away, from responsibility, by keeping myself alone.

You see, people are connected to each other, once they communicate, once they are somehow close to each other.
People are busy body. You can never not care about anything or any person around you. You just can't help think, can't help feels like wanna say out loud. Despite how true is your fact, you know you should just keep your mouth shout, for reasons, like thousands and billions of them.

I accidentally turn the stove to greater heat while cleaning the stove. Consequently, that pot of meat is scorched. You know old people, they are very thrifty. My mom said she wanna pick up those on top which were not burnt, I said no, this thing is harmful to the body. Later, dad's back. Seeing him picking up the meat while I'm washing dishes doesn't feel right. And I can't help blaming myself since then. 

I can still smell burnt on my body now.
Excuse me... DAMN ME!!!

appreciate life,

My 1st Shot

On the spot, when I got my hand, on my D-SLR....
It's a Canon 450D ^^

In the badminton court....
appreciate life,

Got My Hair Done!

At last, I got my hair done!
Ta~DaAa~~~ =D
Any better? ^^

btw, I've been sick the whole day. God bless me I was ok during dinner time, and now I feels the pain and cramp at stomach again... )-:  I don't wanna be sick...
appreciate life and wanna be better soon,


I bake again!!! YAY~~ ^0^

I was supposed to write this blog yesterday night, unfortunately I was too tired, my arms and legs cramp the whole night!
Sneak peak here:..

*go to http://cadyummy.blogspot.com for recipes ^.<

I didn't take much photos unless I have a third hand as I was doing it on my own.

That was my first bread, and my parents love it!! I'm just so happy~
I saw them eating it with beverage yesterday night as supper, I see my brother eating it as breakfast now, awww~~~ I feel so blessed :)
appreciate life and love baking,

Semester 2 + EOS Exam

Finally, semester 2 has came to an end.
What a relief....

For the first time, I study really really hard, like almost push myself to the limit already.
How do I feel? I feel hard to breathe, this is worst than feeling regretful for not trying hard enough man...
I'm still feeling down, blue, hard at the moment.
Well maybe that's because of the hormonal change, maybe I'm really all alone now, maybe I just can't take it!!!

Semester 2 was just complete studying, no activities. I still go to the campus during night, but not with group of people, but all alone. What's more is that I have to see people holding hands, hugging each other all around me. 
No, I'm not trying to blame these people for doing those in front of me. I just can't help feeling sorrow...

Urghh... back to the topic.

Preparation of EOS Exam
Study break was ok, though I didn't really have the mood to study, I manage to finish quite an amount of notes which helped me a lot the day before the exam. I do memorize better cause I understand better while I was trying to organize those points into mind maps, I have better pictures of the knowledge. 

The Battle!
I was back to Bukit Jalil in the night of Sunday though the exact date of exam is on 11st of May, which is Tuesday. I spent the whole day studying in the discussion room, with Ah Wei and Cai Li. I was trying to stuck all Lifespan Nutrition notes inside my tiny weenie brain.

11st of May -Lifespan Nutrition
In this module, we learn basic nutrition according to stages of life, from worm to tomb, from the nutrition of pre-pregnancy till elderly. I can't remember much, I think overall was OK. Not too much difficulties.

12nd of May -Basic Communication
Not much that I can remember as well. Just glad that this was OK, too. Hopefully an "A" or at least "B+", as the lecturer said our presentations, which contribute to part of the score, was good. 

13rd of May -Food Culture and Nutrition
Everything comes out smooth, write write write.... Cause there's no MCQs, just SAQs and Essay. I can still remember the Essay question, about Malaysian food culture. Tee Hee.. This is the first time I ever wrote 2 full page during exam. "B+"? At least? 

14th of May -Financial Accounting
I was like nearly dying, so tired of memorizing after three days of tests... Luckily this one let my brain turns, really felt great to do some calculation. I sat outside the library, where there are chairs and tables under big umbrellas, not so cold yet won't get sun burn. Spent more than 3 hours there, doing exercises that I photo state for class test 2 preparation but it was left untouched. Thank god, they do help. 
I love that seat, cause I get to sing out, not loudly. I enjoy singing while doing calculation, hehe...
Later then I join the group, Cai Li, Neko, Grace, Yen Lu, Wei Jie, Shryn.... It was nice. *smile

Oh, that was the night after Food Culture test.
The test itself, read this: "During the trip to the planet Pandora, Jack Sully and the native, Nithiri open a kopitiam near Ewa...."
Sounds familiar?
My Financial Accounting lecturer actually used this in the question! Not exactly hat I type here but more or less the same. That was the last questions, the essay question. Trial balance, income statement and balance sheet, well, I managed to balance everything out. Unfortunately, no one seems to get the same amount I got. I'm grateful enough that I finished everything.

15th of May -Basic Biochemistry
I gave away 8 marks out of 10 marks in the last SAQ. Stupid hormonal changes, I was totally broken down, I studied nothing (considered..). Thanks to study break, I still able to do the MCQs and the other three SAQs. Not as smooth though, not so confident. I even cried a bit before I went into the exam hall. You see how terrible I felt?

Goodbye semester 2, hello sem break, god please give me more reasons to live...
trying to appreciate life,

This is so true..

You have courage in voicing your opinion. 

You overcome your nervousness and are very determined in your work. 

If you are passionate for some cause, you fight till the end for it

You are a sensitive person

You approach new things with caution. 

Even though you may be capable, you lack self-confidence

You tend to undervalue your capabilities and talents.

Sometimes facebook application can be accurate too. =)

appreciate life,

Things I'm gonna do after EOS

It would be main focus on the Dandelion 10th Anniversary Concert.
Imma practice hard on every songs!

I'm gonna live productive life, don't wanna waste so much of time like I used to be.
I'll clean the house and my room in the morning, then only I'll do anything I wanna do.
The first to do list is....... something not productive but entertaining, watch dramas~~
1. Gossip Girl
2. 90210
3. Ghost Whisperer
4. Supernatural
5. Chuck
6. The Desperate Housewives
6 is a lot, I know. But the only one left with a lot of episodes is Supernatural, so don't worry, my eyes will be fine, XP

Next, is to bake, of course!
I've already bought some cups, I wanna make cutie cup cakes.
But before that, I'll need to practice on sponge cake. So far, the cake taste good, and soft too, but not so much like the kind of cake inside the cream cake, those fancy birthday cakes.
So, I'll have to look for other recipes.

Alright, three more subjects to go, Food Culture and Nutrition, Financial Accounting and Biochemistry. I'm kinda worry about Financial Accounting. Hopefully  the lecturer won't siao siao come out with difficult questions loh.
appreciate life,

It's Undeniable

That I'm lucky...
To have a great mom.

Happy Mother's Day 
to all moms in the world!

And Daddies too ^^
appreciate life,

Random post

Dear blog,

I'm a bad girl. 
It's a really bad excuse to say you have no mood to study.

Somehow, deep in my heart, I have to confidence to finish studying. 
This is what people say: 聪明反被聪明误.
( brilliant person got into trouble because of his/her intelligence. )
hehe... though I'm not quite a brilliant person lah.

Brother will be using this laptop tomorrow. 
Hence, no more sitting in front of computer whole day tomorrow.
Moreover, almost all studying on pdf and ppt are done.

I wrote in my reflective diary today, that I wish sem break won't be so long, so long that can kill all my will to be aggressive. 
Break can be unbearable. 
Despite there's nothing to worry about, no stress at all, I have no transportation, no friends around.
Hopefully I can find something meaningful to do, to work on.

appreciate life,

Just another regular study week..

Dear blog,

Baking a cake has never been a problem to me, on the contrast, study does.
Today is my mom's birthday. I made a sponge cake, simple one. Though I'm thinking of substituting water with orange juice to make it a orange sponge cake, I don't want to spoil the batter cause I've never done that before. 
The cake does well, I finished the preparation and cleaning within one hour. Getting more and more efficient, hehe~~ 

Though, I can't remember when was the last time I baked already. It was a long long time before, at least 14 weeks, since sem2 started. 

Laptop still there, still not repaired. All studies are done in the original way. It's a good thing. Save some papers. Save the earth in the most insignificant way yet important.   

I consider Financial Accounting is done while all notes and mind maps for Lifespan Nutrition are done except for middle adulthood and the nutrition related programme, the latter one, is a total boring part.
I think I'm giving up reading the whole DeVito textbook, since I find the notes are quite sufficient. 

So far, so good. Keep holding on. 

appreciate life,

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