Now I have to put more pressure on myself

OK, it's time for an English post.
I live my academy life in Bukit Jalil speaking English all day long, thus, post in English.
Now I'm back to home town, my whole Mandarin world, can't help writing some Chinese words, you know?

Life is kinda boring these days...
So bored, I'm so bored...
And, unfortunately... I gained back that 1 kg I lost. T^T
Looking forward for tomorrow's practice, cause I didn't sweat at all during practice just now. I need to work out!! But at the moment I'll need to remind myself there's a test coming soon!!

Study Cady, Study!!!
The thing is, almost all I studied more than once during preparation for class test. I kinda lost interest in studying them already ="=
There's no need for me destress man... I need more stress >"< (wrinkles coming out...)
appreciate life,


Maslow Hierarchy of Needs



*slap slap*... 要刮醒自己……


appreciate life,









appreciate life,

In the dream

I was back to high school, somehow, its not my formal high school, somewhere else.
I was buying cards, then I rushed back to classroom where everyone have their own seat, just like high school.
I reached my seat, be seated, and noticed that the person who sit beside me was not there.

Waking up on my bed, one melody running through my head..
I seldom remember my dreams.
This time, I remember it, and I woke up with a melody that I can remember.

I don't know if its a song I've heard before, I can't recognize it.
It's just a few bars, not a whole song.
A few bars with I-IV arrangement which you can repeat it over and over again,
it doesn't end...
appreciate life,

Things are meant to be for a reason

I've been a slow eater ever since I was a little girl.
Always the last one left on the dining table, eating the last bit alone.
Wonder if that's the reason that I used to eat on my own.

People always want to be belonged. 
You won't want to be left out from the group for you're eating too slow.
Thus, I've been trying to eat as fast as I can.

Today, I accept myself as who I am.
I don't have strong guts like everyone else.
I have to eat slow, not to burden my GI.

Besides, what's wrong if I want to eat slow?
I just like to enjoy the taste of each spoon of my food!
I mean, I love food!  ^o^ 

appreciate life,

The Wonderful Food Culture Day

It's the last week of semester 2, after being tortured by the stress of two final exams, three assignments and practical report, two important presentations, finally, I can feel really really relax, and start focusing the preparation of Food Culture Day one day before the exact date.

I'm very proud to present to you.....
Basically, each groups are allocated a theme, ethnic groups or countries, we have to present the culture of the theme and prepare some dishes or drinks of the relevant theme.
The is the half-way-setting look~~ I'm proud to say, I made this!!!

ta-da!!! The "tiang" made by Jane and Eve. A lot of other things we made together!

nice, isn't it? :)

Thai girls~~~ ^w^

I'm so proud to say that: We won the 1st prize!!! YAY!!!~~
The bowl, yes, the bowl up there, is our "Gold medal"! XD
Apparently, the prize of ND's will always be something food-related! haha!!

Thanks Janet for preparing Tom Yam, Som Tom (papaya & mango salad) and bringing all things that we need, most of all, thanks for the nice blue skirt!! I love it! and the scarf too!! You see, almost everthing!!
Thanks Jane for helping out in the decoration, making the golden "tiang", bringing the big bowl, and a lot a lot of things!! Nice being in the same group with you again!
Thanks Sim Eve for providing the idea for the decoration, thanks for being my partner!! Thanks for the coconutsss as well!! XD
Of course, thanks to every members of the group, thank you all so much!!! Wonder if there's more word to say "thank you".... Cause I need it to say to you all!!!

The whole thing went well, the whole day went well!!!
Love ya all of my group members!!!! muacks!!! ^*^

love food and appreciate life,

Oral Presentation

Ms. Zuhrah said it was wonderful. hm.......
Just time estimation.

Well that's for overall of us.

Thanks for Ms. Zuhrah, yupe, I've learned a lot from your classes.

My review of my own oral presentation.
I thought it's gonna be better. Maybe there were too many last minute changes. Slides added, deleted, last minute estimation of time, and so forth. I stammerd!!! A lot........ tionn.... what's so hard???!!! ><
Moreover, I was not doing well in controlling the powerpoint slides......

After all, it passes. Good bye last presentation of Semester 2.
I'm gonna show you all some of the beautiful pictures in our presentation
Presenters: Jasvinder, Jane Lee, Jia Yun, Siew Yan, Yin How, Kogila and me, of course~
Topic: The Secret of Water

Water crystal after exposed to picture of cherry blossom

Phase tagged on the bottle of water: "Love and appreciation"

"Thank you"

"Reading"  =)
 See how beautiful is the picture of "Reading"?
So do read more~ ;)

appreciate life and water,

It's all presentations and assignments

Well I'm afraid, I won't be able to lose weight this week. Not until I finish all my assignments and presentations.

Supposedly I should have finished two presentations today, however there's a postpone on the Basic Communication oral presentation, the one I care the most as it carries 20% of my overall result for the module Basic Communication. Have to practise some more later and estimate the time used up. Hopefully we won't exceed that 10 minutes that killed the other 12 groups cause time estimation is counted in the marking sheet.
The other presentation which is the financial accounting seminar went well. We were the second last group, it was short, yet just enough and just nice.

Other than presentations, I finished the IT practical project yesterday night and modified both IT practical report and Biochemistry assignment 2 just now, they are ready to go. On the other hand, I'm still struggling with the IT assignment. 10 pages, 7 done. The consequent of typing all day will be ignorant of the grammar usage.
A guy studying IT marking my science article? He won't be serious, will he? Moreover, each of us have to write 10 pages, total of us will be 850 pages! I got his point, instead of writing about hacking or other things about IT, choosing our own topic related to the course seems more beneficial. Well, I learn something while doing the assignment as well.

Oh, about the food culture day, we, as N&D students, are not allowed to use the ND lab. Not enough staff to look after us while we are using it? Crap.
Please hire more staffs before you try to earn more $ ! Opening up hell lots of new courses yet not enough staffs to look after all grown-up using a lab. I can see the renovation for chinese medicine lab. What if there's no one to look after that lab? Renovated for what???


I should start feeling panic

Hi all, I hate to say this, I gain back that 1 kilogram I loss last week.
I manage to maintain my weight during weekdays, but it's really hard to do so during weekend.

The Dandelion practice on Saturday was not helpful at all. Heavy breakfast, heavy lunch and heavy dinner.... I didn't sweat much however. Die........

Shall I eat my own food during later practices? Appetite increases, PA decreases.... =(

I'll continue to control my diet, to not overeat, I've been overeating the last 19 years of my life, I must take control over it rationally, get lost emotion!
After all, the most important thing is to concentrate on my study.
Starting tomorrow, the 14th week, the last week of Semester 2.
Let's work it out, I've done bit and bit of everything, not finished...

1. IT practical report (not even 30%)
2. IT assignment (just started... >"<)
3. Biochemistry assignment (done)
*above all deadline will be on Friday.
4. Financial Accounting Seminar (done)
5. Basic Communication oral presentation (almost done)
6. Tomorrow's Malaysian Studies Final Test (not even bother to start... ><)
7. Tuesday's IT Final Exam (notes left untouched..)
8. Food Culture Day on Thursday (lots of design waiting to be done on Wednesday)

Understand how hectic is it now?

appreciate life, hectic life as well... ,

To clarify

Was I thinking about go for the chief design post in the house? Yes, of course I'll consider. But I was only considering. To be frank, I was not only thinking about chief design, was quite interested with the secretary post too. I like both the same.

And why I didn't? Cause I'm very sure that I'll be too busy that my body can't take it. Then I may regret. 
Do I feel regret for not fighting for it(them)? Yes, of course. But better to regret now then to regret later.

Academy is the first thing after my health.

appreciate life,

My 1st Taurus House Meeting

I'm ashamed of myself, for not fighting for the post I want.
To lost the chance to work with people I think I can learn from.
But, I know my weakness.

That's the thing that keep me away from a lot of things..........

Yes, I'm weak.

bye bye chances,

Off day!

Wonder if my house mates are in the house or not...
I've been on facebook, Meetoto and watching loading PPStream.

Today is considered as an off day.
I went to uni just now for an oral presentation meeting and for the senior's "Health Lunch Craze".
Unconsciously, I spent RM10 buying coupons.
Luckily Janet shared the food with me, as those foods are quite large in size, just enough for two.
The oral presentation meeting didn't go well actually. Talked to Janet about it, emo for a while, wrote a blog, and spam my facebook wall and Twitter with lots of negative messages. I'm good now.

Well, hopefully I can finish these today:
1. Oral presentation PPT
2. Financial Accounting seminar PPT
3. Read up more for PBL

Oh yeah, if possible, study IT final test which is next week...

have to accept myself as who I am before everyone else,

A night of desire satisfied

I love learning things, knowing things following my desire.
Now that finally the stressful class test is over,
and the other class tests is not in consideration to study within these one/two days,
I immerse myself into the world flooded with information, the internet,
looking for the material needed for next week's oral presentation.

From informative stuff until entertainment, I experience it all, LOL~
Anyone here plays Meetoto?
I used to sing in Meetoto before I even join IMU.
It's really not bad.

About the informative stuff, I watched some scientific or science-related videos on Youtube.
I read articles and these things really make my mind works.
By the way,
mind is non-material.
As science only define and discuss material things, mind, as a non-material is not discussed in a scientific way.
Conscious mind? Sub-conscious mind?
What are these?
A lot of question marks popping out!

appreciate life and knowledge,


Hello tears, I've not been crying for a long long time.
Just say hi then bye to tears.
Apparently, they miss me.
But they are not selfish to stay with me all the time, because they know they'll make me feel tired. However, they dropped by, to help me relieve my stress.

Thanks to tears.
Thanks for it's short visit.

appreciate life,


Just weigh myself,
compare to last week, there's one kg difference.

I don't call this a progress though.
This is only temporary.
Gambate kudasai!

appreciate life,

Thai Food @ Sutra, The Curve

This is what Janet said, "We have to eat the food only then we know how to cook it!"
The next thing I know... is that, we are going to buy some of the food directly from the store! XD

For people who don't know what I'm talking about...
Basically, we are preparing the Food Culture Day, which is the one and the biggest event of Sem2 ND. Students are grouped, and given a theme, such as Chinese, Malay, Indian, Greece, Italian, so on and so forth. Apparently, mine is Thailand.

The Ayuthaya set meal I was having ^.<

So, we went to Sutra which is located in the Curve as Janet recommended for some Thai food experiencing!!


While we're about to leave, Siow Jie said that she wanted to go to wash room.

This is what we're doing at the entrance of wash room... :P

There's actually one more photo of Siow Jie, Si Wen and Fei Shae in front of this from my phone but it's too blur, so I don't put it on.

Ops, forgot to mention who's coming with us.
Here you go, nice meal with Siow Jie, Janet, Si Wen and Fei Shae.
Thanks Janet for driving us.
Janet, no rain this time, so other times are just coincidence ok? ^_<

appreciate life,


Got two important timetables today,
1 EOS exam timetable
2 Dandelion practice timetable.

It's a really good feeling to see two timetable fit into each other, no crash at all. The concert is dated 11st and 12nd of July. By the time the concert is over only then the new batch of Nutrition and Dietetics will come in. Which means that there's no crash for me to get to know my junior, I can enjoy being an OO fully, thoroughly~
How lucky is that?

I printed out the timetable teacher of the Dandelion choir sent us, edited a bit. Filled in the EOS subjects, when is food culture day and also the date when study break, sem break start.
While looking at the timetable, I think to myself, I shall achieve my goals.
1 Slim down, as stated in previous blog, the concert is quite close to my birthday, which is the due date of the goal
2 As a student, one of my goals has always been to get a flying colour result paper. I won't disappoint my daddy mommy anymore, I swear to myself.
3 To take care of my face, to keep it clean as frequently as possible
4 To stay healthy too, while on diet, I'll make sure I get all the nutrients I needed, can never forget I'm a future dietitian. Apply what I learn in academy on myself.

It's time for an apple! An apple a day, keeps the doctor away ^.<

appreciate life,

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